WWC #94: Half of ‘W’

While you are busy reading this, I am headed

Choices of 7

west across the country to

Carved wood in the Washington State Capitol building

Carved wood in the Washington State Capitol building

Washington State, leaving my

Much older, but still in love

my better HALF and I

better half at home (which, by the way, begins with V … V being half of W, it seems appropriate to mention).

Tuesday is the day we post photographs for the Weekly Words Challenge.  Here at my blog, this week is being represented by archived pictures.  I’m busy packing.  Be sure to check out Tink’s blog for her pictures (she is in charge of our  motley crew).

I’ll have to catch up in August.  Vacation is calling…

18 responses to “WWC #94: Half of ‘W’

  1. fun fun fun!!! enjoy!!!

  2. Ha! Good one. Well done. That is a really good picture of you. Have fun!!!

  3. Great photos. Have a wonderful vacation.

  4. That sign looks awfully familiar. 🙂 Have a fun journey! Safe travels….

  5. We have a sign here similar to that one. But, our Hwy 7 runs north/south.

    Have fun in Washington!

    Great job with the WWC!

  6. Have a great vacation.

  7. So good! Love what you’ve done here!

  8. Enjoy the journey west!

  9. Have a wonderful time!

  10. Have fun! When do you get back?

  11. I hope you’re having fun! That wood carving is neat. 🙂

  12. Me <–Jealous! I love to travel and can't usually because of finances and time 😦

    It sucks.

    Your pics are great though! Love the wood, and I always love highway signs for some reason.

  13. Oh my dear! You are my best bloggie friend! Have a wonderful time – you deserve it – sorry you have to leave your DH behind, but…get over it and enjoy!

    I want to thank you now and forever for being one of the best friends I have yet to meet!

    I can’t wait to hear how your trip went – and how DH and the children coped with your absence!

    Also – fabulous picture of you and DH – he’s not happy that you’re leaving, but he’s dealing with it!

    Godspeed, and love from Chatty.

    PS – your post about the moon landing was wonderful! I was in Paris at the time (gosh, how lucky I was to have been able to go to Europe that summer!) We got up in the middle of the night, my mother and I, and watched it on a (not very good) TV. what a moment! It lives in my memory.

  14. Have fun!

  15. Washington State?? It’s one of the best.