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Yodeling weekend plans

I (heart) marching band

1. Marching Band tonight! (What’s the football team doing on our field?)

2. Cross-country meet tomorrow … Run like the wind, E.B.!

3. Sunday road-trip to PA

4. Decisions made make for peaceful sleep

5. Friday funny:


This week Carmi is exploring the theme of BIG.


Need Chocolate?

Come join in on the fun! Post to your hearts delight: a little or a lot.


Cape Disappointment 001 View of NH Lighthouse from beach

I’ve been feeling out-of-sorts lately. It is probably due, in part, to lack of sleep; however, I think it’s much more than that.
I love blogging but it is taking up more time than it should. There are a lot of pulls on my time right now.

Cape Disappointment 026

How many balls can I keep in the air at one time?

WWC #98: Green D

Harpers Ferry, WV 021

GREEN flags

Cape Disappointment 046

GREEN sea life

Cape Disappointment 125

Day is Done

The Weekly Words Challenge has become a schitzophrenic operation of sorts… Jay manages the blogworld side of things while Tink is hosting over on facebook … and then there’s always flickr.  So many choices, so many views, and so many creative minds!  Join us! 😀

August excitement

Let’s talk about the weather, shall we?

It’s 6am and I just checked: it’s 70F (21C) outside with a “real feel” of the same! 😀

It’s been an outdoor sauna around here for the past week, so this morning feels absolutely terrific!  The weather report claims we’ll even drop into the 60’s at night at least a few times this week.

So, what’s it like where you are right now?

Summer fun

summer fun 007

I am once again taking part in Carmi‘s Thematic Photographic.
The theme for the week is Summer.

WWC #97, vacation edition

We traveled north and WEST for this picture, representing one of my FAVORITE STORIES:

One Morning in Maine, by Robert McCloskey

One Morning in Maine, by Robert McCloskey

If you have never read this delightful book, you owe it to yourself to get to a library and read it today!  When I saw the rocks covered with seaweed on Lake Ontario, I foolishly stayed on the lookout for seals.  That is how powerfully McCloskey’s pictures & prose wind around your heart — it stays for years!


I’m back and facing loads of laundry. How is it that 3 days away produces Mt. Washmore? I washed 5 loads before we left.  Sheesh.

Last Friday was the culmination of band camp, a 2 week extravaganza of sweat, sunshine, and sweet music.  The families came to see the show, eat copious amounts of potluck goodies, find out about the upcoming $pring Trip (Orlando!) and watch the band camp slideshow.  We went, we ate, we bought the DVD.

2009 LVHS Marching Band 001

Marching Band T-shirt for 2009-2010

On Saturday, the 6 of us squeezed into a packed minivan and headed north to see Gary!


He was very kind and generous, letting us each have a turn at the wheel

8-14-2009 Making pottery at Gary's

and then sending us all away with gifts! SuperDad is still enjoying his Guinness. 😉


See that cute look of admiration on SnakeMaster’s face? Precious!

Actually, Gary didn’t just send us away… he led us into Ithaca and across a suspension bridge over a lovely gorge.



He also told us where to find a 215-ft waterfall:


The Finger Lakes region is absolutely beautiful.  I was nearly ready to abandon WA and retire up there instead!

We journeyed on to Niagara Falls.


The Falls were appropriately impressive.

American Falls at Niagara

American Falls at Niagara

Horseshoe Falls from the (American) backside, Goat Island State Park

Horseshoe Falls from the (American) backside, Goat Island State Park

(Canadian) Horsehoe Falls at night

(Canadian) Horsehoe Falls at night

MusicMan referred to the Canadian side as the fun side because it looked like they had more fun there.  Ha! He doesn’t know that the drinking age is 19 in Canada. (Um, it still is, isn’t it?) The Canadian side also has the better views, but since we don’t have passports ($600) or special visitor cards ($210), we had to forgo the excitement.

photo taken by MusicMan

photo taken by MusicMan

It also meant we didn’t get to visit any of my Canadian friends
Some other time, I hope!

Niagara Falls 011

We camped at a state park on the banks of Lake Ontario.    With the haze obscuring the Toronto skyline (30 miles distant), one had the impression that the lake went on forever.

Niagara Falls 001

On the road again…

Today marks the end of band camp, always celebrated with a potluck supper and a slideshow set to music.  Note to self: bring money to buy the DVD. It’s always worth it, and this year the theme is based upon the rock group Yes.

Tomorrow morning, we’re off to see the wizzard… no, wrong song.  How could I mix Willie Nelson with that??!?

Actually, I think I will leave you in a wee bit of suspense.  You can leave your guesses as to where I’m going this weekend in the comment section below.  I will post the answer on Tuesday with my WWC submission.

Good luck! 🙂

Heat wave! (vay-cay redux)

Looking Cool and keeping cool in the IMAX theater

Looking Cool and keeping cool in the IMAX theater

Perhaps you recall the heat wave felt in the Seattle area 2 weeks ago?  The one where the official temperature at SeaTac Airport hit 103 degrees?  Well, I was in that general vicinity, and it was even hotter than that!  The cure? A few hours spent at the air-conditioned Seattle Pacific Science Center…

2009 WA vacation Pacific Science Center

And the butterfly exhibit was pretty cool, too! 😀

Butterflies at Seattle Pacific Science Center

WWC #95 **AND** #96

I’m playing catch-up with the Weekly Words Challenge, since I missed two week’s worth of play (look for vacation tales in previous posts):

H and FOUR (4)

Handsome 4

Handsome 4



and FADE

Day fades into night over the Olympic Mountains

Day fades into night over the Olympic Mountains

This was the view from the deck of the house on the island.  The ground rapidly becomes a bluff, which protects the house from the rocky beach and the tides below.

Fade again

Fade again

There is change afoot with the much-loved WWC. Tink has decided to cease and desist blogging for the time being. :*(

Jay is hosting here in blog-land, while Tink is hosting on facebook (you can read her farewell blog address here and get her contact info). The WWC is also on flickr (although I always forget to check there, my bad). If you are playing along, feel free to find your favorite nitch.  I’d love to see your photographic interpretations.  (Dear God, may that not be an invitation to spammers. Amen.)