Vay-cay, part one: my last hometown

On the eve of our 12-day vacation, my tooth started acting up. Clearly, it wanted to have a starring role in our trip to Washington State, but I will spare you the tales of pain, woe, and multiple visits to get medication because I am tired of dealing with my tooth and its many demand$.

Thanks to alert ground crew who noticed fluid leaking from our first plane, it took us 83,497 hours to cross the country. On the plus side, we arrived in one piece!

airport fish

airport fish

SeaTac made us smile with the fishy floor and “talking” water-fountains.

It sounds like a bubbling brook!

It sounds like a bubbling brook!

We stayed with “our 2nd family.”  When I met this wonderful friend, we spent months trying to figure out where we had met before. We hadn’t, but we are like sisters.

We had a full schedule, visiting friends from our last hometown and enjoying the view of Mount Rainier…


We also spent part of a day with our kids’ godparents and their boys…

McCleary Nelsons

All too soon, we piled into our rental car and left our last hometown.
It was time to spend a week with extended family!

Part 2 coming soon….

8 responses to “Vay-cay, part one: my last hometown

  1. The tooth sounds dreadful but boy those photos have captured happy times!

  2. Fish on the floor at Sea-Tac????

  3. That was one long plane ride!

    While I don’t doubt your tooth pain, I can say you don’t look like you were in pain in the pictures! One of these days we will make it out to Washington state, it is beautiful out there.

  4. It looks like you had a packed schedule to detract you from your tooth pain. I love the burger shot!

    Every time someone compliments my smile I think “if only they knew how much money I spend on this sucker.” I feel your pain.

  5. That’s a long trip, but arriving in one piece is always a bonus. At least you got away from that awful, muggy, uggy East for a while.

  6. oh man, it looks BEAUTIFUL there… i am missing the entire pacific northwest in my US travels so far 😛

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Love the fish @ Sea-Tac. Too bad about the tooth 😦

  8. nice to see the mountain out.