Daily Archives: August 9, 2009

Old School (vay-cay, part 3)

Gary has been writing lately about meeting up with old school friends, which is exactly what I was doing on the last 2 nights of my vacation: meeting up with friends from a time of life when I lived in the same house for 11 years.  It took place in this town here:

hometown where I spent the most time of my childhood

hometown where I spent the most time of my childhood

Any wonder why I love the mountains and the water so very much?  Even with a hot, dry summer, there is still snow to be seen on the highest peaks.

We sang karaoke, consumed some delicious raspberry cider at a waterfront dive, and celebrated the 25th anniversary of our high school graduation.

EHS 25th Reunion

There are many more pictures taken by a friend I’ve known since 1971, but I decided to only post the ones I took (or had taken on my camera).  The evening was very much missing my friend from Texas; she couldn’t make the trip this year.

The next morning, the kids & I turned in our rental car at the airport. When we touched down and collected our luggage, SuperDad was waiting to take us back to our current hometown.