Old School (vay-cay, part 3)

Gary has been writing lately about meeting up with old school friends, which is exactly what I was doing on the last 2 nights of my vacation: meeting up with friends from a time of life when I lived in the same house for 11 years.  It took place in this town here:

hometown where I spent the most time of my childhood

hometown where I spent the most time of my childhood

Any wonder why I love the mountains and the water so very much?  Even with a hot, dry summer, there is still snow to be seen on the highest peaks.

We sang karaoke, consumed some delicious raspberry cider at a waterfront dive, and celebrated the 25th anniversary of our high school graduation.

EHS 25th Reunion

There are many more pictures taken by a friend I’ve known since 1971, but I decided to only post the ones I took (or had taken on my camera).  The evening was very much missing my friend from Texas; she couldn’t make the trip this year.

The next morning, the kids & I turned in our rental car at the airport. When we touched down and collected our luggage, SuperDad was waiting to take us back to our current hometown.


8 responses to “Old School (vay-cay, part 3)

  1. I am class of 84 too….quite a place there, on the ocean!

  2. Could be just about any place between Vancouver, BC and Seattle… Nice!

  3. MM is class 84 as well. We never even heard if his class was having an official 25th reunion…they never were very organized! Yours looks like fun though and I am intrigued by the raspberry cider.

    • M.A., I wanted to go back for more –it was VERY delicious! Don’t wear your good shoes, though… it is one of those places where they throw the peanut shells on the floor. 😉

  4. I have never been to a reunion–maybe because I haven’t really gone very far. 30 is the next up–maybe then?

  5. There you go doing it again – making me sigh over the photos you have posted – I am going to go there too one day..

  6. looks like you had a LOT of fun!!!