WWC #95 **AND** #96

I’m playing catch-up with the Weekly Words Challenge, since I missed two week’s worth of play (look for vacation tales in previous posts):

H and FOUR (4)

Handsome 4

Handsome 4



and FADE

Day fades into night over the Olympic Mountains

Day fades into night over the Olympic Mountains

This was the view from the deck of the house on the island.  The ground rapidly becomes a bluff, which protects the house from the rocky beach and the tides below.

Fade again

Fade again

There is change afoot with the much-loved WWC. Tink has decided to cease and desist blogging for the time being. :*(

Jay is hosting here in blog-land, while Tink is hosting on facebook (you can read her farewell blog address here and get her contact info). The WWC is also on flickr (although I always forget to check there, my bad). If you are playing along, feel free to find your favorite nitch.  I’d love to see your photographic interpretations.  (Dear God, may that not be an invitation to spammers. Amen.)

6 responses to “WWC #95 **AND** #96

  1. The fade pics are beautiful! And don’t worry, I won’t fee the giant scorpion. Holy moly, I can’t think of anything I would avoid more than a giant scorpion!

  2. I LOVE the scorpion sign. 🙂

  3. 4 grown up men!

  4. I LOVE your fade photos… so pretty!

    Thanks for the welcome!

  5. Giant scorpion, LMAO!