Heat wave! (vay-cay redux)

Looking Cool and keeping cool in the IMAX theater

Looking Cool and keeping cool in the IMAX theater

Perhaps you recall the heat wave felt in the Seattle area 2 weeks ago?  The one where the official temperature at SeaTac Airport hit 103 degrees?  Well, I was in that general vicinity, and it was even hotter than that!  The cure? A few hours spent at the air-conditioned Seattle Pacific Science Center…

2009 WA vacation Pacific Science Center

And the butterfly exhibit was pretty cool, too! 😀

Butterflies at Seattle Pacific Science Center

10 responses to “Heat wave! (vay-cay redux)

  1. Welcome back, thanks for bringing the heat with you!

    Loved all the pictures.

  2. we LOVED the science center when we were out there last summer, and our vacation this summer consisted of some “ohh man we just want to go back to seattle” comments! great pictures, so glad you had an awesome time!

  3. Science centers and aquariums and places like that are always so much fun. Great way to beat the heat!

  4. I always wondered about hippo poop…

  5. If hippos poop in the water, is in not the size of a bowling ball? I’m so confused. 😀

    Looks like a fun vacation was had by all!


  7. What a great way to beat the heat.

  8. that blue butterfly is really pretty!

  9. I used to work right around the corner from the PSC.

  10. Mental note: Never swim in the water with hippos.