On the road again…

Today marks the end of band camp, always celebrated with a potluck supper and a slideshow set to music.  Note to self: bring money to buy the DVD. It’s always worth it, and this year the theme is based upon the rock group Yes.

Tomorrow morning, we’re off to see the wizzard… no, wrong song.  How could I mix Willie Nelson with that??!?

Actually, I think I will leave you in a wee bit of suspense.  You can leave your guesses as to where I’m going this weekend in the comment section below.  I will post the answer on Tuesday with my WWC submission.

Good luck! 🙂

14 responses to “On the road again…

  1. Texas? California???????

  2. i have no idea, but i hope you have a fantastic time!!

  3. Band camp begins for our clan this week.

    You are going on a road trip to Elbert, Oklahoma to visit the National Meatball Museum?

  4. Wait . . . are you on my doorstep to join my Debbie from Japan blog party?

  5. Maybe I should clean my apartment jut in case you show up here? 😉

  6. I’ve been visiting other blogs and I believe I’ve uncovered your destination! Too fun.

  7. hmm… i say colonial williamsburg 😉

  8. No idea. Band camp sounds great. It brings back memories of when my kids were young.

  9. Well you don’t have to hit me over the head (tooo hard) to make me figure it out.. since you and your family’s pic are all over his blog. That’s SO cool. If ONLY you’d ventured a tad further north.. just a tad. Maybe next time?