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WWC #97, vacation edition

We traveled north and WEST for this picture, representing one of my FAVORITE STORIES:

One Morning in Maine, by Robert McCloskey

One Morning in Maine, by Robert McCloskey

If you have never read this delightful book, you owe it to yourself to get to a library and read it today!  When I saw the rocks covered with seaweed on Lake Ontario, I foolishly stayed on the lookout for seals.  That is how powerfully McCloskey’s pictures & prose wind around your heart — it stays for years!


I’m back and facing loads of laundry. How is it that 3 days away produces Mt. Washmore? I washed 5 loads before we left.  Sheesh.

Last Friday was the culmination of band camp, a 2 week extravaganza of sweat, sunshine, and sweet music.  The families came to see the show, eat copious amounts of potluck goodies, find out about the upcoming $pring Trip (Orlando!) and watch the band camp slideshow.  We went, we ate, we bought the DVD.

2009 LVHS Marching Band 001

Marching Band T-shirt for 2009-2010

On Saturday, the 6 of us squeezed into a packed minivan and headed north to see Gary!


He was very kind and generous, letting us each have a turn at the wheel

8-14-2009 Making pottery at Gary's

and then sending us all away with gifts! SuperDad is still enjoying his Guinness. 😉


See that cute look of admiration on SnakeMaster’s face? Precious!

Actually, Gary didn’t just send us away… he led us into Ithaca and across a suspension bridge over a lovely gorge.



He also told us where to find a 215-ft waterfall:


The Finger Lakes region is absolutely beautiful.  I was nearly ready to abandon WA and retire up there instead!

We journeyed on to Niagara Falls.


The Falls were appropriately impressive.

American Falls at Niagara

American Falls at Niagara

Horseshoe Falls from the (American) backside, Goat Island State Park

Horseshoe Falls from the (American) backside, Goat Island State Park

(Canadian) Horsehoe Falls at night

(Canadian) Horsehoe Falls at night

MusicMan referred to the Canadian side as the fun side because it looked like they had more fun there.  Ha! He doesn’t know that the drinking age is 19 in Canada. (Um, it still is, isn’t it?) The Canadian side also has the better views, but since we don’t have passports ($600) or special visitor cards ($210), we had to forgo the excitement.

photo taken by MusicMan

photo taken by MusicMan

It also meant we didn’t get to visit any of my Canadian friends
Some other time, I hope!

Niagara Falls 011

We camped at a state park on the banks of Lake Ontario.    With the haze obscuring the Toronto skyline (30 miles distant), one had the impression that the lake went on forever.

Niagara Falls 001