This week Carmi is exploring the theme of BIG.


Need Chocolate?

Come join in on the fun! Post to your hearts delight: a little or a lot.

15 responses to “BIG

  1. You weren’t kidding! This is huge! I never imagined they even made these things that big. I think I need to go find some chocolate now…never mind that it’s after midnight.

    Thanks for the delightful interpretation of the theme. Brilliant, as ever.

  2. No–I don’t need chocolate!

    I bought grapes for our car trip and my daughter bought chocolate-covered espresso beans and chocolate-orange sticks. Sabotage, I say!

    I would not want to be left alone with that chocolate bar.

  3. mmmm…now I’m hungry!

  4. seeing chocolate bars that size reaffirm that there is a god!

  5. NO way thats similar to mine, I would love that chocolate bar!!!

    Here is My BIG one

  6. Where do I go to get one of those?

  7. WOWWWWWW! That is mega chocolate! That would cure even MY daughter’s PMS!

  8. That is seriously one big Hershey bar! Very cool

    see mine here Please

  9. Yike! What a huge chocolate bar. May I have a bite?

  10. Good thing that’s not dark chocolate.. or I’d be drooling even more!