Yodeling weekend plans

I (heart) marching band

1. Marching Band tonight! (What’s the football team doing on our field?)

2. Cross-country meet tomorrow … Run like the wind, E.B.!

3. Sunday road-trip to PA

4. Decisions made make for peaceful sleep

5. Friday funny:

6 responses to “Yodeling weekend plans

  1. Veggie tales are so funny! I love the Pirates who don’t do anything!

    And, also the “Cheese burger song.” We watched a lot of these when I chaperoned leadership retreats for High School Key Club Members.


  2. That is CLASSIC!!!! have a great weekend!

  3. #1 cracked up the trumpet player at my house (Amoeba). And I loved Larry! Too cool.

  4. I like those busy kinda days filled with sports and travel 🙂

  5. ROFL! Such silly little characters! I’ll see you TOMORROW!!!