WWC #99: Earth 8

This week’s assignment was to focus on and interpret the number 8 and the word, EARTH.

One of Earth's beautiful places

One of Earth's beautiful places

This is the rock the previous picture was taken from

This is the rock the previous picture was taken from

The credit for the pictures above goes to my husband.  He took the kids hiking on the A.T. while I was traveling to PA on Sunday afternoon.  (Be patient with me, I took pics in PA for this post!)

8 tubas marching

8 tubas marching

I was in Eighty Four, Pennsylvania, on Sunday evening for the ordination of our youth director (now associate pastor).

2009 August 006

Bonus pic of the rose window in the old church there in Eighty Four:

2009 August 004

Not too bad for a wimpy little camera phone, eh?

The Weekly Words Challenge has become a schitzophrenic operation of sorts… Jay manages the blogworld side of things while Tink is hosting over on facebook … and then there’s always flickr.  So many choices, so many views, and so many creative minds!  Join us! :D

12 responses to “WWC #99: Earth 8

  1. that is a great picture of a rose window!! i am such a sucker for stained glass!

  2. Oooh pretty. Wimpy camera? Nahhh.. well possibly, but you’re a fine photographer. 🙂

  3. I love the 8 tubas – even if they are blurry! And being in EIGHTy Four was a pretty clever use of the number! I might have to try this one… When & where do you find out next weeks words?

    • I just checked, and the new words are up on the facebook link. You don’t have to join facebook to see the new words, just click the link (the highlighted word, facebook)and then click on the current week. I’d love to have you play along! For September 8th, the words will be LIGHT and the letter J.

  4. Not bad for a camera phone at all. My Blackberry takes pretty lousy pictures most of the time. Or, maybe it’s me. 😉

  5. Not too bad for a camera phone indeed. I liked the 8 panes of stained glass.

  6. Camera on the phone? Not bad at all!

    LOVE the majesty of the first photo, and your take on 8.

  7. I come from Melli’s blog, I know almost since I started blogging ! Apparently you had a very nice meeting together !
    Have fun with Ella !
    The pictures are very nice !

  8. love that cliff face…looks like one of the boulders is ready to go on a trip!

  9. There’s a town named Eight Four? That’s weird. Of course we have a town named Fifty Six here in Arkansas.

    Beautiful view from that big rock!

  10. You got some nice shots this week. The tubas worked well. We didn’t get it done this week. Next time…