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Life is full of comparisons.

2009 July 031 comparing sizes

Large?  or small?

2009 August 010

It depends who you are and who (or what) is next to you.

Alex at Spirit lake overlook with Dad

Check in with Carmi for the Thematic Photographic — a new theme for the week is announced each Wednesday at 7pm.  This week’s theme is perspective.

Ella, Melli, and me!


Meet Ella!  She has come to celebrate September here in Kcinnova’s World.

A special hello to Ella’s fans from Melli’s place. My name is KC and I’m glad you’re here following Ella’s adventures with me. 🙂

I met Melli for lunch and the handing over of Ella and her big backpack of belongings.

Ella, Melli, and me

The backpack doubles as a booster seat:

Ella eats garlic fries

We checked out a few stores at the mall, including Build-A-Bear, of course!  Ella tried to ride the carved horse in the Arhaus store:

Ella at Arhaus

We also stopped in Hanna Anderson, where once again my husband is very grateful we do not have any female offspring… but Melli’s Luz is a very lucky girl!

Then Ella went to Trader Joe’s with me.

expensive tastes in cheese

She has expensive tastes when it comes to cheese, but she was also happy to point out the 2-buck-Chuck.  😀


On the ride home, I discovered that Ella is not a fan of TobyMac.  When I could safely do so, I put in a Chris Rice CD to please her. 😛

SnakeMaster and his elephants welcomed Ella to our home.  Here she is with Tantor, Hansa, Pounds, and Floppy.

new friends
Welcome, Ella!  I’m glad you came to visit. 😀