Tree of Desire

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I recently read about bottle trees over at Doves Today.  I am tempted to make one, but for now I will have to satisfy myself with these images of beautyGo ahead and click away — I’ll still be here when you return to comment. 🙂

SuperDad thinks I might be loony.

The remainder of this weekend will be all about getting ready for the start of the school year (Tuesday is the day!) and hopefully creating some adventures for Ella.

11 responses to “Tree of Desire

  1. HI,
    I’ve been trying to get here from Melli’s to say hello. HELLO!
    I’ve spent the better part of quite a few minutes looking at the the bottle tree links. 🙂
    I’ve seen two or three before and after looking at all the images I just saw I’m making one as soon as I can find enough bottles.
    Looking forward to Ella’s new adventures.
    You have a nice blog by the way.

    • Thanks for coming by, Carletta! I really enjoyed seeing the photographs and your writing on your blog. And I’m glad I am not the only one who thinks the bottle trees are beautiful! 🙂

  2. I think I’ve heard about this before, but I’ve never seen the pictures. Gorgeous.

  3. big year at your house, doesn’t your oldest start his senior year?

  4. You’re not loony. 🙂 Sooooo gorgeous.

    The start of school is a bittersweet time, is it not?

    • Cheri, I’m glad to know I’m not alone (with the start of school and my ideas of beauty). Are you going to make a bottle tree in your yard?

  5. Ohhhh WOW! All bottle trees are NOT created EQUAL! SOME of them are flat out GORGEOUS … while other’s are… not so gorgeous! But all are certainly INTERESTING! I might have to do this!

  6. That looks pretty cool.. but I’d dread wind storms if I had one. I can’t load the site with more images for some reason but I’ll try again later. If you do start one of your own, you’ll have to share photos.:)

  7. Is that tree really just blue bottles? It looks so pretty, the blue is so very blue. Wonderful. Never heard of such trees before.