A day late and a dollar short

I’ve been told that elephants NEVER forget, but apparently Ella has been distracted by all of the testosterone in my house…. because Ella forgot to tell me it was Melli‘s birthday yesterday!!

So, we got right on it and mixed up a chocolate mocha birthday cake.

Dry ingredients? check!

Ella bakes cakes from scratch!

We were missing a few ingredients and decided to “wing it” — because elephants do that, she said! LOL 😛  — and Ella assured me the batter tasted fine.  She kept dipping her trunk in whenever my back was turned!

She dipped in her trunk when I turned to set down the camera!

She dipped in her trunk when I turned to set down the camera!

I was going to make a traditional double-decker round cake, but Ella was feeling impatient and insisted that a 9″x12″ pan would do just fine.

blowing out the candles

blowing out the candles

Ella 007Ella got to blow the candles out!  And of course, she enjoyed eating cake & ice cream. 😀

Melli, Ella wants you to know that we ALL sang the Happy Birthday song to you… and she tried very hard to NOT spit when she blew out the candles. 😛

Earlier today I took her shopping.  She was supposed to go shoe shopping but the girls got left at home.  (Apparently the boys didn’t want to look at girl shoes.)  We were sad at first, but then we decided to make our own shopping adventure, so Ella and I went around to a few garage sales instead. Here she is checking out the neighbor’s yard sale:

Ella admired the Barbie doll shoes

Ella admired the Barbie doll shoes

AND…. That was our Saturday!  Hopefully we can find something fun to do tomorrow.  I’m doing my darndest to NOT eat more than one piece of that birthday cake.  I might not make it. It is SO good!!  Why oh why would anyone bake a box mix kind of cake when homemade tastes like that?!


7 responses to “A day late and a dollar short

  1. How nice you and Ella celebrated Melli’s birthday. I am certain she’ll be touched. She will probably also join me in telling you there’s a rumor that birthday cake has no calories.

    I would like to go yard sailing with you. I have been thinking lately how long it’s been since I’ve gone to a yard sale and how much fun I used to have.

    I don’t suppose Ella still has her charm bracelet with the pink flip-flop on it?

  2. Ohhhh THANK YOU soooooo much for celebrating me sO well!!! I’m sURe that my birthday just only temporarily slipped Ella’s mind – because we DO know Ella Phlints never forgets! I’m equally sure that Ella probably makes cake from scratch WAAAAAY better than I ever could – and that is why I make BOX MIX cake!!! LOL! I’m glad she showed ya the ropes on “homemade” baking though! That cake looks SCRUMPCIOUS and I’m really sorry I didn’t get to blow those candles out … and go to yard sales with ya!

    Ella had a charm bracelet with a flip flop on it??? I don’t think I saw that… NOT to say that it wasn’t IN there… she has a acquired SO MUCH along the way…

  3. Those garage sales are a good place to find bottles for your bottle tree! I’ve since loaded that page, by the way. They’re quite cool.

  4. Viva Las Vegas!

  5. What a charming Ella post!
    I think she is really going to enjoy her stay with you and you with her!

  6. Okay, this is adorable. But, I need a little fill in. Are you baby sitting? Or is Ella making her way through the blog-o-spere? 😀

  7. I’m singing Happy Birthday to Melli right now. Swear. 🙂