WWC #100: Light ‘J’

This week’s challenge was to photograph LIGHT (either meaning) and the letter J.



This is the original Fresnel lens for the Cape Disappointment lighthouse on the Washington Coast (northern side of the Columbia River).  Can you imagine how much work it would be to put all of those pieces of glass in just the right places AND keep them clean and shining?  Whew!

current lamp in North Head LIGHThouse

current lamp in North Head Lighthouse

This LIGHT is more modern but not as pretty as the Fresnel lens.

J is for Justice

J is for Justice

Uh, those in the peanut gallery, please refrain from throwing rotten tomatoes.  I’m just doing my job here.

J pretzel

J pretzel

Bonus Pic: I didn’t take this one — MusicMan’s buddy took it on a youth group trip last year — but it was a fun shot and I wanted to share it with you this week. 😛

The Weekly Words Challenge has become a schitzophrenic operation of sorts… Jay manages the blogworld side of things while Tink is hosting over on facebook … and then there’s always flickr.
So many choices, so many views, and so many creative minds!
Join us! :D

**Words for next Tuesday are “HANDLE” and “POUND”**

11 responses to “WWC #100: Light ‘J’

  1. Wow! Many moons ago I saw that light house and had forgotten it. You just brought back a chunk opf my childhood

    And I love fresh baked pretzels. Will MusicMan share?

  2. pretzel J = tres clever!

  3. nice lighthouse and love the J pretzel! Yum!

  4. I was searching through some of my old pics from back in the day looking for a lighthouse in Pensacola I had taken pictures of. But, gave up.

    Anyway, lighthouses are cool and that light in that first picture is really beautiful.

    And that J pretzel is pretty funny.

  5. Handle and Pound! Got it! I will play NEXT Tuesday! I never did find WHERE you were getting the next words from! Am I dumb?

    I LOVE that Fresnel lens – but you are sO right! Keeping that little darlin’ clean would be a NIGHTMARE! I believe I said something like that when I viewed the light in our lighthouse too… but I don’t remember if it was THAT intricate or not. I might have to make another trip to our lighthouse here soon — maybe when Jientje comes! The J pretzel is cute! LOL!

    • Melli, are my highlighted links not working? Jay has next weeks words posted (he admits, he forgot to do that last week) and they are also up at facebook & flickr. Or you can just ask me! 🙂 I’m pretty sure you’re not dumb. I’ve met you, so you’ll have to believe me. 😛

  6. Love the J pretzel. Very cute!!

  7. i love the lighthouse picture, we were just up in maine and saw some great ones…maybe i could post those…

  8. Well done. Light from a lighthouse and a real J.