Day One

It’s a new record: all first day of school paperwork was shuffled through, summarily signed or recycled or is waiting to be filed… all of this by 10pm!  I’m usually at it until at least 11pm.  Of course, I had to stop to make dinner (and serve dinner, and clean up from dinner), answer questions, read to the youngest, etc., etc., etc.     So what did I do to celebrate (besides put my feet up for 30 minutes)?  I’m baking homemade granola.  It smells SO good!

September 8, 2009

Don’t they look SOooooo EXCITED to be heading off to school?  LOL
Actually, school wasn’t the cause of the annoyed faces on the one in red & the one in tie-dye.  The problem was momwithacamera.  I just laughed and took the photos anyway.

SnakeMaster's teacher gave each child a care-kit

SnakeMaster's teacher gave each child a care-kit at the end of the day

Here’s a close-up of the note:

2009 September 008

I love her already.

9 responses to “Day One

  1. That’s funny — at my last school the teachers used to get those from the principal on the first day of school! LOL!

  2. Now that is cute!! That little gift bag is a smart idea. I also love how you torture the kids with photos when they are clearly too cool for that their age. 😉 LOL.

  3. I signed the last of the paperwork yesterday, too. But here it is two weeks after school started. And we’ve already missed picture day, too. I believe it’s time to re-think Critter’s “I’m 18 now, I can mange everything myself” stance.

  4. I LOVE her too! She’s a smart lady waiting until the END of the day to send a room full of 4th graders home with a rubber band! LOL! (wonder how many of them come back in a pocket today…) hehehe…

    The boys look fabulous! Even the grumbly ones. My kids ALWAYS look like that when I get out the camera… or when they see me… cuz they know I HAVE the camera!

    Homemade granola sounds grrrrrreat! I bet Ella LOVES it!

  5. Looks like everything is going well.

  6. That is a really cool thing to give to kids! I hadn’t realized how many papers always need to be signed…and Emma is in kindergarten!

  7. I wonder if the same tool kit would work with Grade 9…

  8. I have several years of that face from my boys.. I remember it well. They used to try to sneak off before I could get the camera out. Mom always won though. I love that you do those obligatory first day pics too. 🙂 It sounds like parent/teacher meetings should go smoothly this year for your fourth-grader. 😉