Thursday 13: Summer in Review

Snapshot of Thirteen Things from this summer (Thursday 13 ideas were borrowed from Janet)

1) photo of me:  taken at Niagara Falls last month

2) current candle scents: lavender, vanilla, rice milk & honey (those are my usuals)  I’m getting ready to pull out the fall scents in a few more weeks.

3) Books I read for book club: Ahab’s Wife (or, The Star-Gazer) by Sena Jeter Naslund. It’s a book club selection, or I probably would have never picked it up. First sentence: Captain Ahab was neither my first husband nor my last. I ended up liking this book — it just started a little strangely.  I also read The Friday Night Knitting Club — I now want to take up knitting! (as if  I need another hobby to abandon)

4) Newest music I added to my playlist:  TobyMac “Portable Sounds” is one of my newest CDs (I haven’t yet made the jump to iPods)  SuperDad surprised me by liking it, too! We usually have different tastes in music.

5) Movies I saw wish I had seen: The Proposal, The Ugly Truth, Julie & Julia

6) something yummy I made this summer:  the “Brick” I took up to Gary’s house is a family favorite, and my husband had 2nds on the chocolate mocha cake I made last Saturday.  I’ll post recipes tomorrow next week.

7) somewhere I ate out: We had dessert in the Hard Rock Cafe at Niagara Falls

8.) something that made me cry: toothache at 2am (prior to gettingVicodin)

9) something that made me laugh: When my guys pointed out this statue in downtown Ithaca, NY

note the cigarette in her mouth

note the cigarette in her mouth

10) something I looked forward to this summer:  spending time in my beloved Washington State

11) something I am thankful for: Oh, many things! Safe travel, time with family & friends, sleeping in…

12) something I want to remember about this summer: Spending time with extended family is fun!

13) a photo I took this summer:


11 responses to “Thursday 13: Summer in Review

  1. I am TOTALLY going to take this idea!

  2. I took a knitting class about 2 years ago. I have a few “things” of yarn and half finished scarf to show for it. Yeah. I now about the abandoned hobbies.

  3. ooh ooh, i know how to knit! now, actually sitting down and finishing a knitting project? totally different story.

  4. I LOVE that picture of you at the falls! It is so cute!

    I have a friend who is a knitting addict! She even belongs to a knitting group – they meet once a week in a restaurant and sit around and eat and knit and talk! I would like to do the eating and the talking part… I tried… I really TRIED the knitting part. I’m NOT good at it! I crochete! I think that should be good enough!

  5. Hey there! I lost you for a while! It sounds like you had a great summer! Love the metal(?) statue. Guess what? We have one here in our town! I’ll try to remember to take a picture of it and post it one day. I hope your tooth situation is better.

  6. I challenge you….make a date with someone to see Julie and Julia before it is out of the theaters. I’ll do it too.

  7. (as if I need another hobby to abandon)

    Oh! You so sound like me!

  8. we were down by that stutue last night, and she wasn’t smoking!

  9. what’s that last one, a hobbit with waxed feet? 😉

    Julie & Julia…LOVED that movie!

  10. And a fine 13 it is. Love the photos.. you look so lovely by the falls. 🙂

    That statue is a hoot.. who placed the cigarette in her mouth?