Another busy weekend for Ella [sept 13]

No rest for the weary (unless the weary spend half the day in bed on Friday)…

Let’s review the weekend, shall we? Starting with Thursday (because if college students have it right, the weekend really does begin on Thursday)

Ella went to PWOC with me on Thursday morning.  It was our fall kick-off (Bible studies start next week) but there was music

Ella 028

and decorations


and a nice luncheon.

Ella 027

Clearly, Ella has a sweet tooth!

Clearly, Ella has a sweet tooth!

Ella 026

Ella makes  new friends wherever she goes!

here is Ella with my carpool buddy

here is Ella with my carpool buddy

On Friday evening, there was a high school football game to attend.  Ella tried to join in with the trumpets (she DOES have experience with trumpeting, you know)

Ella 017

And then she tried out the drums:

Ella 020

Ella 025

But the tuba turned out to be her favorite instrument:

Ella 013

Ella 014

She was dressed as a cheerleader –in proper colors!

Ella helped sell game programs

Ella helped sell game programs with the freshman cheerleaders

(Thanks goes to Dr. John for Ella’s cheerleading uniform)

Ella 010

The one on the right is my friend's daughter -- a beautiful girl inside and out!

Ella was given the opportunity to join the varsity cheerleading squad! 😀

Ella 011

Look at Ella way up high!

Look at Ella way up high!

And then there was more time to be a band groupie…

Ella 021

Note that MusicMan REFUSED to look!

Ella made a lot of friends!

Ella made a lot of friends!

Did I mention that Ella loves the tuba?

Did I mention that Ella loves the tuba?

Saturday was the day for another birthday party!

EB’s birthday was on Friday (but he had cross-country practice and half of us were at the high school football game that evening) — and SuperDad’s birthday is tomorrow, a.k.a. Monday (but we have back-to-school night at the high school) — so we celebrated with a joint party on Saturday evening.  Ella had hoped this stack of presents was for her…

Ella 031

but in the end (after a small tantrum), she was convinced that a piece of homemade pumpkin pie was something to be happy about.  (Yes, birthday pie had been requested.)

Sunday saw us back at church.  The music group I participate in leads worship on the 2nd Sunday each month.  Ella was more than happy to rehearse with us

some of our group

some of our group

Then she helped our talented young organist with the postlude

Ella 033

And she helped Pastor Jessica with the children’s sermon, too!

Ella 037

13 responses to “Another busy weekend for Ella [sept 13]

  1. Ella isliving the good life! CUTE 🙂

  2. Ella sure looks like she’s having fun! I am so glad she made the cheer leading squad. That might uise up some of her boundless energy!

  3. what a great weekend!!

  4. LOL! Looks like Ella (and the family) had a GREAT weekend! Busy? No kidding!!! Wow! You know… when we were in Columbus, Ella talked a street musician into letting her try HIS trumpet! That girl LOVES music! (and food) But I always knew if she got the chance, her heart and soul (and the rest of her) was really in a TUBA! Like Quilly – I’m glad she made the cheer squad too! BOUNDless energy she has! 😉

  5. Elle had a heck of a weekend. My weekend wasn’t nearly as much fun as hers.

  6. Ella looks like she is having the most splendid time at your house! I’m so happy she’s visiting a busy family and has lots to do.
    Amazing how her cheerleading uniform from Dr. John fits in so well.
    Wish I could eat a whole plate of dessert!

  7. Ella looks like she had a heckuva good time!!!

  8. Wow! Ella has been busy. I remember her as never wanting to sit still. I know she loves church and children’s sermons. We never took her to a football game so that was good.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. That Ella sure gets around. Kinda like Flat Stanley, but not flat and named Ella.


  10. Good grief….Ella has a busier social calendar than I do! She really gets around. But in a good way….hehe.

  11. i think ella’s social calendar is fuller than mine is! 🙂

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