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WWC #101: Handle & Pound

Grab the HANDLE and POUND away!

Grab the HANDLE and POUND away!

Bonus Pictures this week:

2009 September 006

This is the watermelon that survived in the garden this year.  I *think* it was started by Snakemaster in his Sunday school class.  EB has his hand on it, but you should know that EB is a 17yo, 6’1″ high school junior.  We forgot to weigh this beauty but we think it was at about 30 pounds!  Below is a sweet juicy slice (plate made by Gary Rith).

home-grown watermelon

Need a course in WWC 101?

So what IS the Weekly Words Challenge ?  It is a photo meme played out individually on blogs, facebook and flickr.  Each Tuesday we are given a few words to photographically interpret and post for the following Tuesday.   Originally started by Oddmix (sadly no longer blogging), it is managed by the beautiful and talented Tink.   Jay keeps the WWC going in the blogworld side of things while Tink is hosting over on facebook … and then there’s always flickr.
So many choices, so many views, and so many creative minds!

Next week’s words are “Go Green” and square — Join us! :D