When Worlds Collide

My worlds are colliding, and I blame facebook.

First, it was myspace.  I was there for the teens in my Sunday school class; it was fun way to be a part of their lives.  And I admit it, I loved creating a webpage with color and music that displayed my personality.  I haven’t been back in a while, because everyone switched over to facebook.

Ah, facebook. Those teens were headed off to college and asked me to join “so we could still be friends.”  Apparently, myspace was SO high school. 😛  I kept the myspace (now basically abandoned)  and joined facebook.  For a long time, it was just those same friends on facebook. I moved across the country and kept in touch as they became adults and expanded their own worlds.   Then one day, people from my own high school days began to appear and ask to be my friend.  “Okay,” I thought, “this is kind of fun!”

Blogging hit me like an asteroid in January 2008. Susie (and her commenters) made me laugh and cry, and I was soon venturing out on my own.  By mid-February of that year, I had joined a photo meme called the Weekly Words Challenge and that gave me another group of bloggers to follow. (Bonus: it also renewed my interest in photography!)  I told a few friends IRL about my blog and some of them have followed along as lurkers.

But this past spring, bloggers suddenly began appearing on facebook and I took a risk and “friended” some of them.  Kcinnova unmasked!
Around the same time, many more friends from high school showed up. I started hanging out on facebook a little more often. And pretty soon…


A friend I know from 9th grade is trading comments on my wall with a blogger I’ve “known” for 18 months.  I’m meeting bloggers in person (and no one has been an ax murderer… at least, not that I know of).  My vacation photos from the summer are a mix of old friends, family, and bloggers.

When Worlds Collide (facebook)And every single one of these people is my friend on facebook.

It’s not TOO weird. I’m the same person, regardless of the communications format.  But when my tangent circles begin to merge into one another, it does feel like … I’ve entered another dimension. [cue music from The Twilight Zone]

26 responses to “When Worlds Collide

  1. Love this … I think the new cult on Facebook is Farmville. I am not a gamer and truly do not need one thing to sidetrack me, so I have resisted. 🙂

  2. This blogging stuff is dangerous. In 2007 I chucked my job and ran away to Hawaii with a blogger friend. We’re still here — for a few more months, then we’re headed your way!

  3. Oops! NOT your way. But stateside.

  4. That’s cool that you’ve been able to hook up with so many people and see them intersect like that. I laughed at your axe murderer comment. I’ve found myself alone at a secluded cabin with someone I met online, and he did indeed wield an axe shortly after we arrived. Frank builds great fires. 😉

  5. Yea… this is NOT happening to me! Facebook is remaining family only… I don’t even WANT old high school people to find me… Nope… not doin’ it! Though I AM tempted a time or two when church friends say “you need to get on FB!” grrrrrrrr…..

  6. It’s like The Brady Bunch lands on Gilligan’s Island. That just shouldn’t happen…

  7. NONE of them have been axe murderers? Well, keep trying! Maybe eventually you’ll meet one. LOL 😉

    I’m finding that Twitter and Facebook have severely cut into my Blogging world. Twitter more than anything though.

    And I have a Myspace page lying around here somewhere. Not sure where I left it. I think it’s in a box in the closet.

  8. I would love to meet you some day soon. The only bloggers I have been able to meet are the the ones who are here in NJ.

  9. Facebook has definitely become a place I like to post things on almost as much as my blog! I’m glad you’re opened your horizons 🙂

  10. I never went to High School and from the age of 16 through my mid-20s I did a lot of moving, so I have no “group” that I consider myself a true part of. Long before MySpace or Facebook I managed to get back in touch with a friend from grade school and it was fun at first. Then her life slowly started to unravel and it’s been very painful to watch. If I were to go on Facebook now, I’m not sure who I’d find (or who would find me) and whether I would even want any of that. Sometimes good memories should remain just that and I certainly don’t need to dredge up any bad ones.

  11. This “lurker” enjoys keeping up with your doings via this format. I didn’t do MySpace, although I did check out some younger friends sites when they said I could. I won’t do Facebook. Keeping track of the people I care about via their Blog sites is wonderful for this rapidly becoming an illiterate web user.

  12. I have refused to join Facebook. I guess that leaves me way behind.

  13. i find that people i meet in REAL life have a higher chance of being axe murderers than the folks i’ve met so far from online… 🙂

  14. I read Hilary’s comment to this and had to laugh. I just started FB and it is too much for me to keep up with. Just too much!

  15. KC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I dreamt about your fam, last night……:) forgot the details though….

  16. Oh, FB! I was on FB long before I became a blogger…I was just anonymous. I dropped that when all the bloggers started to pop up. I kind of miss the open chats they had, and hate some of the new stuff they’ve done, but, I’m still there.

  17. You’re right, it is a weird phenomena. And, by the way, I am an axe murderer. Don’t worry, though. I’m not due to kill for another ten years or so.

  18. Great pictures.
    It was so good to see Ella again. She looks well.

  19. I think the people that are so against it just don’t really understand it–it’s so great for showcasing photos for family, making plans, etc. You don’t HAVE to become an addict (though that is a risk!).

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