Daily Archives: September 25, 2009

5 Words

Quilly has given me 5 words and she wants me to share my thoughts on them.  After you’ve read my meme, if you feel inclined to play along, say so in the comments and I will send you five words of my choosing.

1. Trinket

When I read the word trinket, I initially thought of the following adjectives: cheap, flimsy, disposable, expensive… and already I have run into a cliche’, with thoughts of cheaply made [in China, do doubt], overpriced doodads created for the tourist trade.  And yet, there are trinkets of value — be that monetary or sentimental.  A rich person might consider a pair of diamond earrings to be a trinket.  This week, I received a package in the mail bearing a key-chain with my nickname on it, which makes me smile (and think of Guinness).   <– That’s a shout-out to you, KCINNOTX 😉  I think that ultimately, a trinket given to someone is a little gift that says, I was thinking about you today.  I know it’s not your birthday, but I want you to have this gift as a token of our relationship.

2. Sandwich

I made 4 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches this morning and packed them into 4 separate lunch boxes (except we don’t really use lunch boxes anymore — they are padded totes of various sizes and shapes).  When it comes time for my own lunch, I won’t be eating a sandwich.  I’ve got my eye on a frozen package of shrimp won ton soup.

3. Hair

There are days when I question myself — why don’t I care more about my hair? I have been rather spoiled, as it is naturally curly (no, I do not voice the character on Peanuts! 😛 ) and I don’t have to do anything special to it. I’m a wash, brush, and leave-it-be kind of gal.  I’ve been cutting it myself for the past 2 years.  But I’m aging and there is now gray mixing in with the multi-toned brown, with the gray showing especially well around my face.  It is past time to make an appointment with a person who can give me a professional cut and style, and perhaps even a bit of color.

4. Purse

Along with my lackadaisical approach to my own hair, I am not fancy when it comes to my purse. For many years, I have carried a medium-brown purse and been perfectly satisfied. This past Spring, I stepped out of my comfort zone just a little bit and bought this:

purseIt’s not fancy, but it threw some color into my life (although it is still a plain brown on the opposite side — I’m not that much of a risk-taker, LOL).  The good news is, I can shove a lot of great stuff in there!  I’ve been known to add a water bottle, a book, the GPS, travel brochures and still be able to zip my purse closed.  However, for everyday use, it is too big and I lose things in it.  Can’t find my keys? Better feel around a little more… they might be under the camera!

5. Splurge

I was raised in a home where we didn’t have much in the way of “disposable income” so I’m pretty frugal most of the time. I married someone of like mind, and our poor children truly believe that money does not grow on trees. My husband likes to tell me that we are “broke.”  He apparently thinks this will keep me from buying things we don’t need, but I’m really pretty good at considering needs vs. wants. However, there are times when I do splurge on expenditures: a pampering pedicure, my annual Girl’s Weekend, or scented candles (I went more than a little overboard purchasing PartyLite items when SuperDad was deployed).  Dining out is definitely a splurge.  It can be difficult for a frugal-minded person to spend money, especially on big purchases.  For example, in a few years, we will need to purchase a new clothes washer & dryer, and I plan to splurge and buy matching side-load models.  Do I NEED a side-load washing machine? No, I only need a washing machine, plain and simple.  I desire a nice side-loading machine –they save water and are gentler on clothing– but I don’t need one.  If my husband does not encourage me to go ahead and splurge on the nicer model, I am likely to re-think my plan… after all, we’ll have 2 kids in college and a third kid thinking about college applications by that point in time.  Some people see stars when they are bump their heads, but when reality bops me a good one, I see dollar signs and my desire to remain debt-free jolts into high gear.