Shades of blue

photo courtesy of Google images

I’ve been thinking lately about color.

My 2nd favorite color has always been red. But I’m rather picky about that color — it has to be a “true red” — no orange tinge allowed.

My favorite color has long been blue, and for many years, that meant a striking shade of cobalt blue. But unlike red, I am fond of many, many shades of blue.
In fact, I am enamored with the entire spectrum of blue, from purple to green.

all photos courtesy of Google images

all photos courtesy of Google images

Does this expansion of my favorite color come with maturity?  I really don’t know.

Here’s your earworm for today…. you’re welcome. 😉

What are your favorite colors?  Have they changed over time, and if so, how?

11 responses to “Shades of blue

  1. I love blue best too.. and like you, the many .. just about all shades of it. Red is close to the bottom of my list… though pinks and magenta do a lot for me. Lately, I’ve become a lover of green.. particularly the sage/mossy/khaki type of green. And black is always a great colour choice for clothes – though nothing else. 🙂 Over the years, I’ve found the colour combination of turquoise-blue and purple hard to resist.

    It’s pouring rain here this morning (and we’re supposed to head up to the cottage in a few hours). Thanks for the colour break. 🙂

  2. When I was young I was a blue fanatic – like back in my teens! Blue was not only my FAVORITE color, it was just about my ONLY color! Even down to my favorite popsicle! (i am nothing if not an extremist!) LOL! Now I am totally the opposite! I love ALL colors and can’t even begin to pick a favorite! BUT… I still maintain that MY color is ORANGE! (always, to match my hair!)

  3. My favorite color is black to match my soul. 😉

  4. Blue has been a favourite colour for many years – but I’ve begun to really like shades of purple and mauve as well. Whether it has to do with advancing age – I mean – maturity? Nah!

  5. My favorite color depends on what we are talking about. In clothing I think reds and other bright jewel tones favor me. In my home decor, I tend to go with more muted earthy tones with accents of sunset pinks and oranges and oceany blue.

    I guess for questionnaire purposes my favorite color is red, but it really does depend.

  6. Purple, all shades; blue;some greens & bright, clear yellows.

  7. Green. True, crisp, grass green. I do like other shades of green, but my first love is pure.

    I didn’t come to my love for green until after I lived in Vegas for a few years. I longed for the Pacific Northwest and the cool I knew came with green. Despite having left Vegas, I still love green best.

  8. Interesting color choice. My favorite color is and always has been green.

  9. Hahha…I thought of that song as soon as I read your post title!

    Not many people understand why, but my favorite color to wear is black. Other than that, I don’t really have a favorite color…well…maybe red.

  10. blue… pretty.

    My favorite color was yellow as a kid, but it turns out I actually wear a lot of red, coral, orange.

  11. You would love the cobalt blue tiles I have in my kitchen. I’m a blue gal, too.