WWC #103: Favorite Quote’L

This week’s photographs are brought to you by FAVORITE QUOTE and the letter L.

So many quotes, so little time, but here are a few:

old stone barn
“Were you born in a barn?!?” [close the door!!]

Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son

Leave them alone and they'll come home, wagging their tales behind them

Leave them alone and they'll come home, wagging their tales behind them

Okay, so the story behind this picture: Two years ago, EB had decided to go walking on Halloween night without telling us. We thought he was upstairs in his room, reading. He thought it was a good idea to take a small flashlight and walk from our dark, unlit neighborhood down to and along the old highway (now the “business route” — the new highway is a bypass).  This nice sheriff’s deputy brought him home.

I suppose that when a police officer brings your kid home, he’s going to stay and have a chat with the parents, not just drop the kid off in the driveway.  Makes sense, right?
And if the front door is unlocked, why would the kid ring the doorbell? It’s his own house.  So EB just walked in the front door with the deputy and took the lawman on a tour of the entire main floor, looking for us.

The house was a MESS with costumes and bags of loot flung about the living room. The two youngest kids were eating a delayed supper (it was 8:40pm on a school night) at a messy table; bags of non-perishable groceries were scattered about the kitchen counters and on the floor (I’d gone to the store the day before and been too busy and too tired to unpack them).  SuperDad & I were in the living room — drinking glasses of milk.  (Yes, it really was milk…for which I am grateful!)
That was the order in which the deputy viewed our house… from the darkened outside entrance and into the light of a very messy abode.  I still feel shame when I think of the state of the house that night.  (Note I did not say I felt shame that a sheriff’s deputy brought my kid home… that feeling happened when I looked up from my empty glass!)
I was MORTIFIED at the sight of a sheriff’s deputy standing in my messy kitchen.  And remember, the parents who had sat drinking [milk] in the living room had NO IDEA that the boy was not upstairs in his room.  It was SuperDad’s idea to take the picture; he thought we should document our kid’s first run-in with the law.
Oh, wait, that’s not the first time…. a Military Policeman once brought our 7yo home (same kid) because he was playing in the desert rather far from our house… and somewhat closer to the road leading on/off Post.  (We could see where he was playing from our driveway, so I wasn’t worried.  Hence, I don’t REALLY count that time…)

This photo brought to you by the letter L

This photo brought to you by the letter L

Large jack-o-Lantern Lit by an eLectric Light 😛
Yes, it is a humongous pumpkin riding on a parade float. No, I do not remember its weight.  Yes, it was a Lot of pounds!


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21 responses to “WWC #103: Favorite Quote’L

  1. I am wondering what the deputy was thinking as you took that pic. “These people are starting a scrapbook of their son’s brushes with the law already? What are they anticipating ….” ROTFL

    I love that first photo and the quote fits it well.

  2. I am with Quilly. I can’t believe you asked the deputy to pose for a photo! LOL. He looks rather good-natured about the whole thing though. So perhaps you weren’t the first parent to ask him to pose for one for the blog – or maybe the baby book.

  3. It was SuperDad who suggested I take the photo. Neither one of us knew WHAT to do at that moment. I suppose the deputy was satisfied that we weren’t going to beat the kid, there was food in the house (obviously!), and except for that photo op, we were acting like normal, concerned parents.
    The entire incident STILL makes me shake my head in disbelief.

  4. ROFLMBO!!! WOW! Even I have never asked a cop for a photograph with my kid! You know… now that I think of it, had I done that the FIRST time around, THAT may have embarrassed my sons enough to keep a 2nd time from happening!!! I SHOULD have done it! Ohhhhhhhh live and learn!

  5. That’s pretty hilarious. You should have asked the deputy to put your kid in cuffs. Then you could drag that pic out and show all the girlfriends he brings home from college. And then you can show it to his future in laws, just for the fun of it. haha 😉

  6. KC!!!!!! Are you kidding about that story of your son?????????

  7. LOL at the boy & the cop! It’s usually a shock to see one walking up your drive, but to see one already stood in your kitchen must be even more so! 😀

    Picture #1… Is that really father & son? I’d have said they were brothers from that picture! 😀

  8. And yet somehow they grow up.

  9. I absolutely love the barn, great angle!! Your photos are making me very excited for fall!!!

    I’m back at it and have my WWC up this week… I hope I can keep it up 🙂

  10. hahaha and the funniest thing is they both look so happy!

  11. We had a pair of police officers show up at our door with our 14-year-old daughter in tow. They discovered her out after curfew in a location we definitely did not expect her to be. We couldn’t care less about our messy house at that point. We just wanted to tan her hide. (I got in a couple of favorite quotes there!)

  12. Love the barn photo! Great story about the sheriff too – lol

  13. Hahahaha….oh Lord that is a funny story!

  14. More than deciding it was a photo op, I’m amazed that your son is just standing there, smiling and going along with it. You never fail to surprise me. Great photos all around 🙂