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A Room With A View


When we chose to live where we do –far from my husband’s work– it was because of the location (quiet), location (good schools), location (space around us).

The picture that started it all and inspired this post

The picture that started it all and inspired this post

I was picking up boy-tossed clutter in the living room, straightening pillows on the sofa, minding my own business… and I was once again blessed by the view outside my rather dirty window.

Sitting on one sofa, looking at another

The hummingbirds have flown south for the winter, but I still like to rock gently on this love seat and admire the view:

2009 October 162

Yellow Roses in October

Come along with me and we’ll open the sliding glass door and peer into the back yard…

2009 October 163

The tree that holds the rope swing has already lost its leaves and the others will soon follow suit. Put one foot out and look to the right.  If it was evening, we could watch the sky turn into swirls of sherbet color.  This time of year, the daytime colors are warm hues of green, red, and gold:

2009 October 164

The tall shrub on the left gives us shade in the summer for a late supper on the deck.

2009 October 165

kitchen window

I sometimes miss the kitchen garden window from our last house, where I kept a few houseplants, candles, and seasonal decorations.  It was a large window that let in a great deal of light, but I was always aware that someone might be looking in at me; the neighbors were close by with windows facing my own. Here? No worries.

2009 October 166

These 2 pictures (above and below) were taken looking out my front room window. [We don’t have a formal living room, although the house was designed that way.] Our home faces north toward a meadow; we often see deer in the very early morning and again after dark. When we bought the house, the shrubs were much taller and dense enough to create a privacy hedge.  In the summer, the porch was humid and buggy; in the winter, it was dark; most of all, I considered it a safety issue — when approaching the house via the front walk, you couldn’t see if there was someone hiding on the p0rch.  We pulled out more than half of them and cut the rest back. SuperDad has kept up with the pruning and shaping, and there is oh-so-much-more light coming in now.

2009 October 168

There are a few more rooms with a view upstairs…

2009 October 169

The blue spruce blocks some of one child's view of the meadow.

2009 October 171

I sat on the side of my bed to take this photograph.

2009 October 175

The “master bedroom” closet area is strangely designed and could really use a remodel (ditto for the bathroom, but that’s another story).  However, the closet area DOES have a small window –the only window in the entire house that faces west.
This time of year, the view is truly beautiful [photos above and below].

2009 October 172

Zoomed-in view of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Thank you for letting me share these photographs with you today.  I truly feel blessed to be able to look out upon such beauty, and I wanted to share it with you.

When I mentioned last week that I wanted to share what I look out upon each day,  I invited others to play along with my little “meme.”  So far, the following have agreed to share their own views with the rest of us:

Jodi Anderson

Harry Martin







Be sure to mention in the comments if you are playing and I forgot to link to you!

Sanctuary Blue

Jodi Anderson, who posts regularly over at The Women’s Colony, has issued another photo challenge: the color BLUE.
(Last week’s challenge was all about Orange.)
Of course, I jumped at the chance!  This is not the same as my previous blue post, since those pics were all from Google Images.  Today’s pictures are all my own:

a tiny bit of blue seen between gray storm clouds

a tiny bit of blue seen between gray storm clouds

little boy blue

little boy blue

summertime blue

summertime blue

birthday candle blue

birthday candle blue

BLUE and chocolate: dDoes it get any better than this? I think not!

BLUE and chocolate: does it get any better than this? I think not!


More excuses Apologies

2009 October 149This is how I’m feeling right now (well, minus the orange hair, LOL) … going a thousand miles a minute, at least in my head, and smacking into walls… walls of deadlines and events that I need to attend and details I need to take care of…  So much to do, so little time to accomplish everything on my “to-do” list.

I did have a good visit with my mother when she was here (thanks for asking!) and she took me out to lunch twice (so I gained a little weight, but I’m pretty sure the peanut soup at The Red Fox Inn was worth it).  😛

By this Sunday evening my week will  have encompassed 2 home football games (last Saturday’s homecoming game was rained out/postponed to Monday), daily marching band & cross-country practices, several special events at church, and a Very Big Deal marching band competition 3 hours away (so we’ll be getting home around 2am on Sunday morning).

I truly miss blogging; it is my creative outlet and the source of some wonderful friendships.  It may be another 5 days before I can return.

I get on the computer to check my e-mail and realize I have yet another responsibility.  I deal with changes in plans (my apologies to the pizza man, we no longer need 70 pizzas tonight, only 20 pizzas…. but I’m still waiting for the 1.75 inches of rain that was  forecasted to mess up that order!!) and discover even more activities to post on my Google calendar (because I am too busy to go write it down on our regular calendar).  If our power goes out, I am in Big Trouble.  Or I’ll have lots of extra down time!

Now it’s back to working on this month’s church newsletter (my unpaid gig with MS Publisher, a labor of love) and purchasing more supplies for feeding the band (because they need paper plates and napkins to go with all that pizza we are feeding them) and oh, yeah… my family needs more milk to drink (we go through about a gallon a day).  Guess I’ll be hitting Costco instead of my computer.  Oh, well.  The game is likely to be a rain event and I’ll come home early to get some hours in on the newsletter.   Just thinking about all that made me feel a litle bummed, so I’m going to leave us (you and me) with this:

2009 October 143

Anyone up for a photo challenge?

Next Wednesday (October 28th) I will post pictures taken from various windows and doors in my house, looking out.    I’d love to see what you see when you look outside! Let me know in the comment section if you are playing along, and I will link to all who participate.

And hopefully by then I will have been by to see your latest updates!

WWC #106: Sit & Fall

I need to apologize to my wonderful & faithful readers. The posts you have been reading are mostly pre-scheduled (with a tiny bit of last-minute editing) because I have been so very busy.  And because I have been so very busy, I have not been able to reciprocate by visiting your blogs for the past few days.  Can I blame my mother?  LOL  Actually, I have been extra busy because my mother has been here visiting me!   😛   She leaves tomorrow morning and life will return to our normally busy schedule.

In the meantime…

It’s Tuesday!

2009 October 151

FALL is my favorite season and I love all of the warm, bright colors found in nature (which is kind of funny, since orange is not my favorite color).

2009 October 156

Here is a pile of my volunteer “baby pumpkins.”  I threw out some old mouldy ones last FALL into the compost heap, and we got a nice little crop this year… not counting what the deer ate. 😛

Our leaves are truly beautiful this FALL

and sometimes the weird fungus that attacks leaves and looks/feels like spikes!

and sometimes the weird fungus that attacks leaves and looks/feels like spikes!

Speaking of weird…

Ditch Decoration created by SuperDad

Ditch Decoration created by SuperDad

Ella was too excited to SIT

Ella was too excited to SIT

Last Wednesday, I met Melli for lunch to return Ella to her rightful home.  We had a lovely lunch at Brio.  Ella enjoyed the crispy Italian bread…
2009 October 107
…and then she ordered a scrumptious lobster bisque!  Mmmmmm….
2009 October 109
I think only lobster could inspire Ella to SIT still for so very long. 😀
This week’s words were SIT and FALL.

Next week we will be exploring   F and  ALTERED.


The Weekly Words Challenge continues to be brought to us each week by the now non-blogging Tink.   Jay manages the blogworld side of things while Tink is hosting over on facebook … and then there’s always flickr.
So many choices, so many views, and so many creative minds, and always on Tuesdays!  Join us! :D



October 2008, WRAMC 029

October 2008, WRAMC 033 macro

fall color 2007  062  Neighbor's tree3

Jodi Anderson challenged readers of The Women’s Colony to post their ORANGE photos today. I’m playing along! 😀

2009 October

I’ll have more tomorrow for Tuesday’s “Weekly Words Challenge” — the words are “sit” and “fall.”

Ella’s Appalachian Trail Adventure

Ella 049

Most of you know that Ella has been visiting me for the past 6 weeks, and we’ve had a lot of fun (even when thoroughly embarrassing my  teenagers, LOL).

Embarrassing MusicMan

This past weekend was her last hurrah with my family before going home to Melli , because Ella needs to get ready for her next big adventure with Jientje!


Our Sunday was a busy one. The group I sing with leads worship on the second Sunday of each month and while I brought Ella along in September (that post is here), she was just feeling too frisky to be let loose this time!  Obviously, I had to plan something to help her get her wiggles out!

By 3 o’clock on Sunday afternoon, Ella was dressed in her best hiking attire and SnakeMaster was in his scout uniform.  (Ella seems to behave best when SM is with her.  She knows an elephant lover when she meets one!) Our first stop was an Eagle Scout Court of Honor for a young friend of ours.  Ella BEGGED this handsome young Eagle Scout to pose for a picture with her. 😛

2009 October 078  Ella Scout1

After a lovely reception (with a meal to fortify even the heartiest elephant for what lay ahead), we jumped into SuperDad’s truck for Ella’s Appalachian Trail adventure!

2009 October 080  Ella Appalachian Trailhead

Here she is at our “trail head” (since the A.T. runs from Maine to Georgia, these are really just jumping-on points).

Happy Hikers

Happy Hikers

Ella 042

When Ella saw SuperDad’s roomy backpack, she climbed aboard! 😛

"I'm ready -- let's GO!!"

"I'm ready -- let's GO!!"

Who wouldn’t want to hike on a beautiful day and on a beautiful trail like this one?

This photo taken by SnakeMaster

This photo taken by SnakeMaster

2009 February 025  creek crossingOf course, that lovely scene above is a tame portion of the trail — some of it is MUCH rockier.  There were several creeks/ creekbeds to cross, with fallen pine needles and leaves hiding the wet spots.  Are the rocks in the middle stable or wobbly?  Step on one and find out! 😛
Mercifully, the mosquitoes had been chased away by our recent dropping temperatures.

Time for a break!

Time for a break!

We named this stop “Ella’s Rest.”  She had worked up a thirst!

Ella 045

Then it was time to resume our hike.

lichen, fungus, and rock

Ella thought the lichen, fungus, and rocks were quite interesting.
And who could resist views like this?

Collage of pictures made by me, but photos taken by SnakeMaster

Collage made by me, but these photos were taken by SnakeMaster!

The purpose of our hike was to view the beautiful Autumn scenery and to enjoy the sunset on one of our last warm fall days.  We stayed at our favorite turn-around spot until dusk had fallen.

Look closely, and you will see Ella & SnakeMaster

Look closely, and you will see Ella & SnakeMaster

I had to brighten the above picture to the point where it looks like those 2 hikers are in deep shadows during daylight hours; in truth, the sun had set and it was time to start our return trek to the truck(Say that 5 times, fast!)

We made it back to “Ella’s Rest” in time to enjoy the final vestiges of afterglow in the western sky.

Ella's RestWhile Ella sat with SuperDad and SnakeMaster, I was text-messaging friends across the country:

“Hiking the Appalachian Trail in the dark!”

because I’m a geek.  😛
[Isn’t technology fun?]

Still, this geek managed to NOT trip badly enough to bruise anything and I only wandered off the trail once.  SnakeMaster chatted about the infamous evil deer each time we heard rustling footsteps in the brush but no glowing red eyes actually blocked our path home.  FINALLY Ella confessed to sitting on the 2 small LED headlamps, which we used off-and-on for the remainder of our journey.

I wish I could have taken a photograph of what I saw when I looked straight up:  starlight shining in a clear sky amongst the treetops. It was absolutely Beautiful.


This is the end of my adventures with Ella Phlint here in Kcinnova’s World.   She has been chomping at the bit to return to her own home and is ready to ride off into the sunset.

Ella 047

Doesn’t every cowgirl need a pair of pink boots? 😉

If you want to continue to follow her adventures (and you are not already a member of Ella’s fan club… and why not?!) just add Melli to your reader.

WWC #105: Water and the letter S

Water, Water everywhere!


At right is a shot of the water churning from the back of a Washington State Ferry in Puget Sound.

Below is a close-up of that water…


Winter Sunset, Pacific Ocean

Winter Sunset on the Pacific, Ocean Shores, WA

breaking waves on the Outer Banks, NC

breaking waves on the Outer Banks, NC

Taughannock Falls, Ithaca, NY

Taughannock Falls, Ithaca, NY

from the edge of American falls, Goat Island State Park, Niagara Falls, NY

from the edge of American Falls, Goat Island State Park, NY

Rushing water, headed for Horseshoe (Canadian) Falls at Niagara Falls

Rushing water, headed for Horseshoe (Canadian) Falls at Niagara Falls


Stained glass dragon with Stained glass bokeh

Stained glass dragon with Stained glass bokeh

SnakeMaster is a Scout

SnakeMaster is a Scout


The Weekly Words Challenge continues to be brought to us each week by the now non-blogging Tink.   Jay manages the blogworld side of things while Tink is hosting over on facebook … and then there’s always flickr.
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I saw this over at Jen’s blog and wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to see it, too:

I’ve never been to Boston in the fall

1. This song makes me think I need to get off my duff and go visit Janet.  Seriously!  This fall is kind of busy (not that next fall won’t be) but why should that stop me?

2. However, I have been in Boston before: my folks took us on a whirlwind tour of some Midwestern and East Coast States during my 15th summer.

3. I’ve been to Moscow [Idaho], too. Does that count?

4. My household is full of homebodies who don’t want to go anywhere. I’m usually included in this category, but sometimes I just want to get away, y’know?

5. Sadly, I have sniffed a stinkbug.


2009 September 307 cropped leaf on floor

I love fall.

The nights are cooler, the days are significantly less humid, the leaves turn brilliant shades of gold, the kids have homework to do instead of playing on my computer…

But there is one thing I really dislike about fall.  Every September, around the time the kids go back to school and we open up our windows and let the breezes waft through the screens, the stinkbug infestation arrives full-force.


This is a stinkbug

You cannot squish a stinkbug.  Well, you CAN, but I assure you that you do not WANT to squish a stinkbug.  Alice has been battling them as well, and she tells me that the odor of a stinkbug attracts other stinkbugs… some evolutionary quirk that says, Oh, no! One of our own has been squished! Let us hurry en force to the scene of the crime! Yep, some kind of queer lookie-loo gene mapping like that.

A couple weeks ago, we were trying to cool off the upstairs portion of the house by pointing a large box fan out the window.  I am SO thankful that the screen was in place:

2009 September 090

Can you see some little bugs on that window?

Let me zoom in for you…

2009 September 097

There must have been at least 120 of those disgusting insects hanging onto that screen. I have NO IDEA why they would want to plant themselves in front of a blowing fan.

They hide in fabric.  Let me tell you, it is a shrieking experience to grab your towel fresh from a nice shower and have a stinkbug fall out onto the bathmat!  And then the little bugger flies up to freak you out all over again.

Autumn?  I love you.

Stinkbugs — go AWAY!!