Daily Archives: October 4, 2009

Confession Time

In this post, I made us all think I was going to be making homemade lentil soup and homemade cookies.  That plan bit the dust when I had to pick up H-J from the school nurse because he’d thrown up at school. 

Side note:  I am SO glad my kids all know to make it to the toilet before puking! I suspect many others are glad, too… if they only knew. I’m also glad to have Suburban Correspondent as a friend. She is a wise woman and well-versed on sick kids, and she writes about it here and here.  Heh…and she wonders why I pipe up, when asked what she blogs about, by saying, “She writes about Kids! And Vomit!”

Anyhoo….  My house rule? If anyone has a tender tummy, the entire family gets put on a modified BRAT* diet. We ate chicken noodle soup for supper because I really didn’t want to see a replay of lentils.  I also would not recommend serving spaghetti with marinara sauce in such a scenario. Yes, experience is an excellent teacher!  Well, that and I was sort of busy collecting a sick kid from school when I should have been making supper.

*BRAT diet = Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast
…all good foods for tender tummies