Confession Time

In this post, I made us all think I was going to be making homemade lentil soup and homemade cookies.  That plan bit the dust when I had to pick up H-J from the school nurse because he’d thrown up at school. 

Side note:  I am SO glad my kids all know to make it to the toilet before puking! I suspect many others are glad, too… if they only knew. I’m also glad to have Suburban Correspondent as a friend. She is a wise woman and well-versed on sick kids, and she writes about it here and here.  Heh…and she wonders why I pipe up, when asked what she blogs about, by saying, “She writes about Kids! And Vomit!”

Anyhoo….  My house rule? If anyone has a tender tummy, the entire family gets put on a modified BRAT* diet. We ate chicken noodle soup for supper because I really didn’t want to see a replay of lentils.  I also would not recommend serving spaghetti with marinara sauce in such a scenario. Yes, experience is an excellent teacher!  Well, that and I was sort of busy collecting a sick kid from school when I should have been making supper.

*BRAT diet = Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast
…all good foods for tender tummies

19 responses to “Confession Time

  1. Ahh poor kidlet. I hope he’s feeling better soon and that he hasn’t been kind enough to share his germs with anyone else. I remember the BRAT diet well. This too shall pass.. and hopefully not THAT way. 😉

  2. Thanks, Hilary! I guess I should have mentioned that apart from the incident that kept him from marching band rehearsal (and the rest of us from a normal dinner) — along with a moderate fever for a few hours, he has been just fine. Of course, school rule is to be fever-free for 24 hours, so he stayed home and rested on Friday.

  3. Pink cupcakes don’t go well with tender tummies either. But, when a four year old who hasn’t eaten in two days — due to Roto virus — begs for pink cupcakes? A Mommy makes them anyhow — even though she knows there will be a pink replay.


    Rice and chicken noodle soup; YUM!

  4. You all have to eat the same stuff as the sick one? Oh that is not fair. 😉

  5. The BRAT diet is pretty much what I go on when sick… yet I never had a name for it… until now! Thanks 🙂

  6. When my kids were toddlers I taught them to aim for the tub–it’s a much bigger target.

    I hope the illness doesn’t make the rounds at your house.

  7. Yes, vomit has ruined for us any number of excellent dinners – for eternity….

  8. You reminded me of days I would like to leave forgotten.

  9. I lived on the brat diet for awhile this summer — almost two weeks in fact thanks to some intestinal irritation. I wouldn’t like to have to eat that way because someone else was sick!

    • We don’t all completely go on the BRAT diet, but bland foods are the order of the day. I am convinced (although I might be wrong) that this has helped at least one of us not succumb to lure of the porcelain throne. That alone is worth its weight in… well, applesauce?

  10. Yup. Last time I got sick like that I was at my sisters. It was Gatorade to drink, so I didn’t dehydrate, and rice and chicken for dinner. Bland, but filling and easy on the tummy and to keep down.

  11. The poor little dude!
    KC, sorry I am so darn busy and you have been so sweet, keeping up with my posts. I just gotta deal with the open studios here and then I can go back to slacking and keeping up with blog posts better later this month 🙂

  12. LOL! Ohhhhhhhhh I am sO glad those days are OVER in my house!!! I had one that didn’t learn how to make it to the toilet til she was about 18 — AND got SO nervous on Christmas Eve that she threw up “just cuz” every year! OY! I’m glad yours do better by you! I’m SORRY you have icky tummy syndrome in your home … and I hope it’s gone soooooon!

  13. Oh, my. I guess “an ounce of prevention” and all that… You DO have four, after all. I like Jenn’s suggestion of aiming for the tub! Luckily, we are way beyond that. Hope everyone is all better now.

  14. i have a few foods i know all too well should only go down and not up… although i don’t always know this information from being sick from a VIRUS, if you know what i mean… 😉

  15. Poor little kid, I hope he feels better soon.

    Oddly, my son hardly ever threw up when he was young. Never had a problem with urping or spitting up as a baby, and I think as a kid he only puked maybe twice, at about seven. Funnily, though, those two times were so shockingly upsetting to him, since he was not used to it.

  16. BRAT? I never really knew that. I just drink extra beer and cross my fingers.

  17. OK, I laughed at this post (with things *not* to serve)