WWC #104: Warmth & Depth



2009 September 289

I was impressed by the DEPTH of commitment this Civil War reenactor exhibited.  We had a 20-minute conversation about what he does and why.



Waterford Fair 2009

Additional pics from the 66th Annual Waterford Fair

Second Street School, Waterford Fair 2009

Scenes from the Second Street School


And I can’t seem to leave last week’s “favorite quote” project alone…

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly

Gary, this little purple guy made me think of you! 😀


The Weekly Words Challenge has become a schitzophrenic operation of sorts… Jay manages the blogworld side of things while Tink is hosting over on facebook … and then there’s always flickr.
So many choices, so many views, and so many creative minds!
Join us! :D

Update: Next week’s words are WATER and the letter S

Tuesday is the day!

15 responses to “WWC #104: Warmth & Depth

  1. You know, I have tried joining the weekly words challenge, but my attention span is too short. Within a half hour of leaving here I will forget.

  2. well, when pigs fly! Love the photos. I have an old set of those McGuffey readers you pictured there.

  3. That’s a pretty impressive fire! Great job with the words. I thought they were hard this week! LOL

  4. I love those moody mosaics.. they look great. And that purple flying pig is adorable.

  5. Great shots! Is that a baby’s head – the black spot in the fire? 😉

    Love the purple flying pig!

  6. the waterford fair looks like so much fun!!

    • Alice, it would be more fun to work traffic/parking if people didn’t complain about the accomodations! It’s an historic community and some people are offended at the parking situation (and all of the uneven walking, too). All of the parking lots are farmland at the edges of town — not exactly handicapped accessible.

  7. Great picture choices but the flying pig beats them all.

  8. a flying purple pig, how PERFECT!!!!!! thank you 🙂

  9. If that guy only took you for 20 minutes that’s a bloomin’ MIRACLE! We have a friend who does Civil War re-enactment — he could talk for DAYS on end! He DOES talk for hours! *shrug* We let him! It’s fun stuff!

    That fire looks loverly!

    • Melli ~ I escaped as politely as I could after he went through a 10-minute spiel about reincarnation and prior lives. The re-enactment stuff is indeed interesting; I have an above-average interest in the Civil War for someone from the Pacific NW.

  10. You did go sorta nuts on the favorite quote, didn’t you?