Happy Winds-day!

I woke up at 4:53 a.m. today.  That is not too unusual — I get up at 4:45am most mornings (well, those mornings when my husband goes to work).  But today he took the day off and slept in. Obviously, my body did not get that memo.  Oh, well. I took advanage of the extra time: I watched 45 minutes of early morning news & weather, swept the floors, cooked a hot breakfast for the first 2 boys who were up before 7am, and ironed a pile of shirts (some of which had been waiting for nearly a year to be ironed).  [I’m that way with sewing buttons and other small repairs, too.  I don’t know why I put it all off — it’s not torture to do such things, I just don’t ever feel like getting out the supplies and DOING it!] A few of the shirts were too small for our youngest when they went into the pile 3 months ago. I ironed them anyway in preparation for the hospice thrift shop/church rummage sale or wherever they end up.

Our entire area is under a high wind advisory today, from 8am – 6pm.  While I did not disbelieve the weatherman, at 8:30 a.m. it was calm and peaceful outside. By 9am, the winds had started up and the garbage can had been blown into the ditch.   I hope the trucks come soon or I’ll have garbage and recycling to chase!

The winds should make this afternoon’s cross-country meet interesting! EB improved his PR (personal record) by 30 seconds last Saturday — 30 seconds, people!! I think he has no idea how fast he can really run, even though he claims his new PR was because due to a flat course.  Today is a home meet and we have a hilly and somewhat challenging course.  Add in the wind factor, and it should be an interesting meet.

So, what’s up in your neck of the woods?

12 responses to “Happy Winds-day!

  1. 4:45 AM?? I’ve never been much of a morning person. I wish I was though sometimes. But, I don’t think that’s something you can make yourself be. I think you are either or a morning person or you aren’t.

  2. Just a few minutes ago, I was thinking “Geesh, it’s GUSTY out there.” It seems we’re sharing the same weather. 😉 Good luck to EB!

  3. I’ve tried to make myself into a morning person, but, as Jay has discovered, I’m not sure that’s possible.

    It’s garbage day here, too.

  4. Windy here to. Can’t decide if I should pray for the roof to hold up, or for the whole blasted thing to just blow away, forcing me to finally deal with getting the much needed new one… May EB have the wind at his back today!

  5. Super windy here complete with high wind advisories which should make football practice tonight extra interesting!!
    your extra early morning sounds exactly how i would spend mine-and i feel the same way about repairs and the like, its not a huge deal it just doesn’t get done…

  6. I got up early this morning and ironed! I also did a couple of other chores. The trade winds are on vacation and it gets so oppressive here without them that by this afternoon I wont have the strength to do anything but sit in front of the fan and whine.

    I hope EB has a great meet!

  7. THe snowing has abated but someone had measured and found that we got more than 7 inches of that white stuff overnight!

  8. Tis a BLUSTERY day here as well! Every time the wind blows hard Mom says “Boy, that wind is really pickin’ up out there.” Yep… it is… Perhaps the wind will be behind him at the meet today! Perhaps it will benefit him! We can hope!

  9. I’m a mornin’ person but I don’t consider 4:45 morning. That’s still within the 8 hour sleep cycle period.

    I dunno how you do it….. 🙂

  10. Night owl here. The only time I am awake at that hour is when I can’t sleep at all.

  11. NOOO KIDDING! my car was being tossed all over the road this morning on my way tow ork…

  12. If only the wind will be behind him then it could be the best ever.