I saw this over at Jen’s blog and wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to see it, too:

9 responses to “Beauty

  1. I love the Dove real beauty campaign. They started it several years ago and use only real, un-photoshopped models.

  2. Um. Wow.

    I’m going to show this to my daughter. And post it on my blog, too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve seen this a few times over the past few years.. it’s a real eye-opener.. and not the the way Photoshop does it. Young girls especially need to know this process is attached to every face they want to emulate.

  4. I actually have seen this before. And I’ve also heard interviews with models who say that they go past a billboard of themselves and don’t even recognize that it is them! It’s crazy. (it would be FUN one time though, to see what they would do with me!)

  5. Wow. I always knew of the photoshoping, it’s just amazing to see it in progress. This is a great video for young girls to see.

  6. I’ve seen this; it’s cool. Thanks!

  7. Oh, and hey, thanks for the great comment on my post 😉 You too, are a Super-Mom!

  8. That was amazing. It wasn’t a photo that was retouched but a person.

  9. I’ve seen this before, too, and it is a good reminder that no print ads today reflect reality at all. But that still doesn’t make me appreciate my cellulite!