Ella’s Appalachian Trail Adventure

Ella 049

Most of you know that Ella has been visiting me for the past 6 weeks, and we’ve had a lot of fun (even when thoroughly embarrassing my  teenagers, LOL).

Embarrassing MusicMan

This past weekend was her last hurrah with my family before going home to Melli , because Ella needs to get ready for her next big adventure with Jientje!


Our Sunday was a busy one. The group I sing with leads worship on the second Sunday of each month and while I brought Ella along in September (that post is here), she was just feeling too frisky to be let loose this time!  Obviously, I had to plan something to help her get her wiggles out!

By 3 o’clock on Sunday afternoon, Ella was dressed in her best hiking attire and SnakeMaster was in his scout uniform.  (Ella seems to behave best when SM is with her.  She knows an elephant lover when she meets one!) Our first stop was an Eagle Scout Court of Honor for a young friend of ours.  Ella BEGGED this handsome young Eagle Scout to pose for a picture with her. 😛

2009 October 078  Ella Scout1

After a lovely reception (with a meal to fortify even the heartiest elephant for what lay ahead), we jumped into SuperDad’s truck for Ella’s Appalachian Trail adventure!

2009 October 080  Ella Appalachian Trailhead

Here she is at our “trail head” (since the A.T. runs from Maine to Georgia, these are really just jumping-on points).

Happy Hikers

Happy Hikers

Ella 042

When Ella saw SuperDad’s roomy backpack, she climbed aboard! 😛

"I'm ready -- let's GO!!"

"I'm ready -- let's GO!!"

Who wouldn’t want to hike on a beautiful day and on a beautiful trail like this one?

This photo taken by SnakeMaster

This photo taken by SnakeMaster

2009 February 025  creek crossingOf course, that lovely scene above is a tame portion of the trail — some of it is MUCH rockier.  There were several creeks/ creekbeds to cross, with fallen pine needles and leaves hiding the wet spots.  Are the rocks in the middle stable or wobbly?  Step on one and find out! 😛
Mercifully, the mosquitoes had been chased away by our recent dropping temperatures.

Time for a break!

Time for a break!

We named this stop “Ella’s Rest.”  She had worked up a thirst!

Ella 045

Then it was time to resume our hike.

lichen, fungus, and rock

Ella thought the lichen, fungus, and rocks were quite interesting.
And who could resist views like this?

Collage of pictures made by me, but photos taken by SnakeMaster

Collage made by me, but these photos were taken by SnakeMaster!

The purpose of our hike was to view the beautiful Autumn scenery and to enjoy the sunset on one of our last warm fall days.  We stayed at our favorite turn-around spot until dusk had fallen.

Look closely, and you will see Ella & SnakeMaster

Look closely, and you will see Ella & SnakeMaster

I had to brighten the above picture to the point where it looks like those 2 hikers are in deep shadows during daylight hours; in truth, the sun had set and it was time to start our return trek to the truck(Say that 5 times, fast!)

We made it back to “Ella’s Rest” in time to enjoy the final vestiges of afterglow in the western sky.

Ella's RestWhile Ella sat with SuperDad and SnakeMaster, I was text-messaging friends across the country:

“Hiking the Appalachian Trail in the dark!”

because I’m a geek.  😛
[Isn’t technology fun?]

Still, this geek managed to NOT trip badly enough to bruise anything and I only wandered off the trail once.  SnakeMaster chatted about the infamous evil deer each time we heard rustling footsteps in the brush but no glowing red eyes actually blocked our path home.  FINALLY Ella confessed to sitting on the 2 small LED headlamps, which we used off-and-on for the remainder of our journey.

I wish I could have taken a photograph of what I saw when I looked straight up:  starlight shining in a clear sky amongst the treetops. It was absolutely Beautiful.


This is the end of my adventures with Ella Phlint here in Kcinnova’s World.   She has been chomping at the bit to return to her own home and is ready to ride off into the sunset.

Ella 047

Doesn’t every cowgirl need a pair of pink boots? 😉

If you want to continue to follow her adventures (and you are not already a member of Ella’s fan club… and why not?!) just add Melli to your reader.

11 responses to “Ella’s Appalachian Trail Adventure

  1. You are too funny! Some great photos there.

  2. LOL! This was a great post. Beautiful pictures!

  3. Wow, the Appalachian Trail. I am envious. That’s quite a send off you gave Ella.

  4. LOL….this was the most hilarious post! Ella is too cute, and my favorite picture is the one with your son…he has the most embarrassed look on his face.

  5. Good to see Ella again. Glad she had a good time.
    We never took her hiking.

  6. Fabulous posting!! Great shots too!

  7. Ella talked alllllllllllll the way home in the car about that trail! She had a blast! And I think she has a little “crush” on the Snake Master! She’s reallllly gonna MISS him! She said your older boys are cute too – but she has a special spot for the Snake Master! (she said something about Monkeyshine bein’ a goofball — I wasn’t sure what THAT was about???) But anyway… she had a GREAT time! Thank you sO much – again – for entertaining her!

    • Moonshine (pictured at top with Ella) and Stripes (a zebra of course!) both have energy to match Ella’s own boundless supply. I’m told they had a lot of adventures on their own when I was busy other things and SnakeMaster was at school. There has been a whole lotta story-telling up on the top bunk lately!
      I’m glad Ella liked our hike. She sure was excited that day! 😀

  8. Wow, looks like Ella had a wonderful time visiting with you all. Hiking is so much more fun from someone else’s backpack 🙂 Snakemaster takes really good photos too.

  9. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe all the costumes you had for her! … After all that hiking, I hope Ella gets to go to a nice spa or Mexican resort next 🙂

    • Harry, she is soon off on a whirlwind vacation that includes Hawaii — and then she is going to tour Europe!
      I’m rather envious of her traveling ways. 😉