October 2008, WRAMC 029

October 2008, WRAMC 033 macro

fall color 2007  062  Neighbor's tree3

Jodi Anderson challenged readers of The Women’s Colony to post their ORANGE photos today. I’m playing along! 😀

2009 October

I’ll have more tomorrow for Tuesday’s “Weekly Words Challenge” — the words are “sit” and “fall.”

11 responses to “Orange

  1. Oh nice shots.. and great mosaic. It sure is orangey in your neck of the woods. 🙂

  2. Those are beautiful pictures! My favorite is the one with the big leaf on the grass, it is such a beautiful color.

    Oh, and I will be sending you a Facebook invite soon….everyone talked me into a Christmas party….

  3. Wow. I especially love the pile of pumpkins. 🙂

  4. There’s lots of orange in your neck of the woods!

  5. I am jealous of your maples! We don’t have enough orange in the fall here, beautiful mosaic.

  6. Beautiful autumn colours 🙂

  7. Beautiful orange! I miss fall. I wish I were already home.

  8. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  9. Oh darn! I wish I’d known about this! I’ve been collecting orange for a later post — but mine is not quite like yours! Oh well… it will go up on it’s own as originally intended… sometime this month!

  10. it’s everywhere!

  11. Absolutely beautiful. ABSOLUTELY. I especially love the single maple leaf.

    Thank you SO much for playing along this time. I hope that you will again.