WWC #106: Sit & Fall

I need to apologize to my wonderful & faithful readers. The posts you have been reading are mostly pre-scheduled (with a tiny bit of last-minute editing) because I have been so very busy.  And because I have been so very busy, I have not been able to reciprocate by visiting your blogs for the past few days.  Can I blame my mother?  LOL  Actually, I have been extra busy because my mother has been here visiting me!   😛   She leaves tomorrow morning and life will return to our normally busy schedule.

In the meantime…

It’s Tuesday!

2009 October 151

FALL is my favorite season and I love all of the warm, bright colors found in nature (which is kind of funny, since orange is not my favorite color).

2009 October 156

Here is a pile of my volunteer “baby pumpkins.”  I threw out some old mouldy ones last FALL into the compost heap, and we got a nice little crop this year… not counting what the deer ate. 😛

Our leaves are truly beautiful this FALL

and sometimes the weird fungus that attacks leaves and looks/feels like spikes!

and sometimes the weird fungus that attacks leaves and looks/feels like spikes!

Speaking of weird…

Ditch Decoration created by SuperDad

Ditch Decoration created by SuperDad

Ella was too excited to SIT

Ella was too excited to SIT

Last Wednesday, I met Melli for lunch to return Ella to her rightful home.  We had a lovely lunch at Brio.  Ella enjoyed the crispy Italian bread…
2009 October 107
…and then she ordered a scrumptious lobster bisque!  Mmmmmm….
2009 October 109
I think only lobster could inspire Ella to SIT still for so very long. 😀
This week’s words were SIT and FALL.

Next week we will be exploring   F and  ALTERED.


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17 responses to “WWC #106: Sit & Fall

  1. Yea! It’s time for your fall decorations! … You inspired me to do the same by this weekend. It’s been hard since we had a heat spell kick in for a few days (88 during the day) but it’s back to the low, low 70s now. … Thanks for the cheer-up, and may I just say, “That dang Ella eats better than I!”


  2. I love the tree stump!

    Fall is most definitely my favorite season. 🙂

  3. Fall is my favorite season too. And orange is one of my favorite colors. I love your pics.

    Enjoy the time with your mom. I love that.

  4. Fall is definitely the best time of year. Spring is okay too, but Fall totally rules.

    That stump is great!

    Great photos also. It looks like Fall is in full bloom for you guys.

  5. Fall is my favorite time of year as well, the colors the coolness the sports! enjoy your busy time

  6. YEAH! You have been quiet lately! Thanks for the story and pics 🙂

  7. Love the stump! The leaves are very pretty, but what’s with the fungus?

  8. I had wondered yesterday why Ella’s bisque didn’t make an appearance in your ORANGE post… but there she is today! She’s getting very excited about Jientje coming!

    I thought my friend Daisy was the only one who could accidentally grow a pumpkin – but I see you’ve managed it too! (she actually accidentally grew 3 big ones!) LOL! I can even accidentally grow grass…. *sigh*

    I do HOPE you have enjoyed the last few days with your mom!

  9. I tried to sign up for weekly words a couple of times but can’t find it and always get mystified and give up.

    I am looking forward to Ella being back at my house. It will be fun to see her again. She is very lively for an elephant!

    I hope you’re having fun with your mama. Enjoy. We’ll still be here when you return. (You didn’t miss anything important at my place except the sermon I gave in church on Sunday.)

  10. Love the wee pumpkins and those leaves sure are vibrant. The stump is a hoot. I do miss you but hope you’re having a great time with your Mom. 🙂

  11. Blaming one’s mpther is par for the course so feel free.
    Loved the fall pictures.

  12. That stump is great–way to recycle, Super Dad!

  13. Mmmmm. Love me some bisque – lobster? shrimp? tomato?

  14. Love love love the stump!!! (not what she said) lol

    Those are beautiful colors, great photos!!!

  15. oh man, i need to get a pumpkin!! how is it already so late in the fall??

  16. i used to have an elephant muppet like that when i was a child!!!!
    omg.. im just so so so melancholic D: