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2009 October 149This is how I’m feeling right now (well, minus the orange hair, LOL) … going a thousand miles a minute, at least in my head, and smacking into walls… walls of deadlines and events that I need to attend and details I need to take care of…  So much to do, so little time to accomplish everything on my “to-do” list.

I did have a good visit with my mother when she was here (thanks for asking!) and she took me out to lunch twice (so I gained a little weight, but I’m pretty sure the peanut soup at The Red Fox Inn was worth it).  😛

By this Sunday evening my week will  have encompassed 2 home football games (last Saturday’s homecoming game was rained out/postponed to Monday), daily marching band & cross-country practices, several special events at church, and a Very Big Deal marching band competition 3 hours away (so we’ll be getting home around 2am on Sunday morning).

I truly miss blogging; it is my creative outlet and the source of some wonderful friendships.  It may be another 5 days before I can return.

I get on the computer to check my e-mail and realize I have yet another responsibility.  I deal with changes in plans (my apologies to the pizza man, we no longer need 70 pizzas tonight, only 20 pizzas…. but I’m still waiting for the 1.75 inches of rain that was  forecasted to mess up that order!!) and discover even more activities to post on my Google calendar (because I am too busy to go write it down on our regular calendar).  If our power goes out, I am in Big Trouble.  Or I’ll have lots of extra down time!

Now it’s back to working on this month’s church newsletter (my unpaid gig with MS Publisher, a labor of love) and purchasing more supplies for feeding the band (because they need paper plates and napkins to go with all that pizza we are feeding them) and oh, yeah… my family needs more milk to drink (we go through about a gallon a day).  Guess I’ll be hitting Costco instead of my computer.  Oh, well.  The game is likely to be a rain event and I’ll come home early to get some hours in on the newsletter.   Just thinking about all that made me feel a litle bummed, so I’m going to leave us (you and me) with this:

2009 October 143

Anyone up for a photo challenge?

Next Wednesday (October 28th) I will post pictures taken from various windows and doors in my house, looking out.    I’d love to see what you see when you look outside! Let me know in the comment section if you are playing along, and I will link to all who participate.

And hopefully by then I will have been by to see your latest updates!


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  1. i am right there with you on the milk thing, have to get that taken care of pronto, and the football games complete with rain!! good luck with everything i know its a lot but it is so totally worth it!! oh and bring on a challenge!!

  2. Oh thanks for the reminder on a newsletter — I am supposed to do our homeowner association’s.

    The photo challenge sounds kinda fun … Count me as yes, barring an untold workload

  3. Oh man. Now I have to wash my windows!

    Busy is better than bored. You’re on my feed reader. I’ll still be here when you get back. All you’ve missed on my blog is the sermon I gave on Sunday, the car breaking down, Thom rescuing us, a picnic in the park and some really great comments on my punny haiku.

    • No need to wash windows! I didn’t!!
      Yes, I already took my photos (a few hours ago).

      I forgot what bored feels like, but I don’t recall it being particularly fun. I’ll catch up sometime…

  4. Love the picture of that witch! That’s just how I feel, too. Must be something going around. You have my deepest sympathy with the MS Publisher thing. It is truly LABOR to use that software. You couldn’t pay me to do it! Hang in there.

  5. I’m in! Since I’m sort of grounded… a photo assignment that can be done from home fits me just perfectly!

  6. Wow, I’m exhausted reading all that. MS anything is a labour, good luck.

    As for the photo meme…sure, but I warn you all my windows look out on the same thing. Apartment life *sigh*

  7. I’m busy too — but in entirely different ways! I’m nut running so much as just “doing”.

    I’m in for the game though! See ya then! (hope I remember…) LOL!

  8. Busy, busy! I’m exhausted just reading it all. Don’t wipe yourself out too much.

  9. That’s a long list.

    I love doing newsletters too–I totally heart Publisher.

  10. Just an ordinary , very busy, life.

  11. Do you really see that tree outside of your house? Beautiful!

    Sounds like you’ve been busy. Good busy, right?


    • Cheri, that tree is located up the street. Next Wednesday I will post the views from my windows. Want to play along?

      If good-busy means leaving at 1:15pm today and returning at 2:15am tomorrow for a band trip, then yes, I am good-busy!

  12. Take a deep breath and relax.

  13. Wow, you’re busy!! Have a good time and come back next week.

  14. Okay, this is one of my favorite of your recent posts. I so get you! Bless your heart though, with four or five or ten? How many boys in the house again? LOL!

    I just had the convo about the milk with the Hubster today. We are a 2 Gallon (with a spare) a week family….. GASP A gallon a day? Have those boys pitch in their $3.oo daily too!

    Oh, and here I came to visit to ‘inquire again’ for you to share all your wonderful ADVENT celebrations you do as a family…Christmas around the corner and all.

    But, no worries you are triple booked! My GAL-pal! But, would you add one thing to your to dos? Remind me about the pic out the window because I wanna be all over this.

    🙂 Heart Ya! Super Mom and all, that you are!

    • FW, I haven’t forgotten about the Advent stuff. I know it’s taken me… oh, 10 months?… but I promise I won’t forget you!
      Yes, once we get through the end of XC and MB season, it will be concert/holiday season. The boys are already selling wreaths and poinsettias for fundraisers (plus popcorn)… want any?

      And I came home at 8pm on Friday and fell asleep on the sofa, so I still need to work on that newsletter!!