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A Room With A View


When we chose to live where we do –far from my husband’s work– it was because of the location (quiet), location (good schools), location (space around us).

The picture that started it all and inspired this post

The picture that started it all and inspired this post

I was picking up boy-tossed clutter in the living room, straightening pillows on the sofa, minding my own business… and I was once again blessed by the view outside my rather dirty window.

Sitting on one sofa, looking at another

The hummingbirds have flown south for the winter, but I still like to rock gently on this love seat and admire the view:

2009 October 162

Yellow Roses in October

Come along with me and we’ll open the sliding glass door and peer into the back yard…

2009 October 163

The tree that holds the rope swing has already lost its leaves and the others will soon follow suit. Put one foot out and look to the right.  If it was evening, we could watch the sky turn into swirls of sherbet color.  This time of year, the daytime colors are warm hues of green, red, and gold:

2009 October 164

The tall shrub on the left gives us shade in the summer for a late supper on the deck.

2009 October 165

kitchen window

I sometimes miss the kitchen garden window from our last house, where I kept a few houseplants, candles, and seasonal decorations.  It was a large window that let in a great deal of light, but I was always aware that someone might be looking in at me; the neighbors were close by with windows facing my own. Here? No worries.

2009 October 166

These 2 pictures (above and below) were taken looking out my front room window. [We don’t have a formal living room, although the house was designed that way.] Our home faces north toward a meadow; we often see deer in the very early morning and again after dark. When we bought the house, the shrubs were much taller and dense enough to create a privacy hedge.  In the summer, the porch was humid and buggy; in the winter, it was dark; most of all, I considered it a safety issue — when approaching the house via the front walk, you couldn’t see if there was someone hiding on the p0rch.  We pulled out more than half of them and cut the rest back. SuperDad has kept up with the pruning and shaping, and there is oh-so-much-more light coming in now.

2009 October 168

There are a few more rooms with a view upstairs…

2009 October 169

The blue spruce blocks some of one child's view of the meadow.

2009 October 171

I sat on the side of my bed to take this photograph.

2009 October 175

The “master bedroom” closet area is strangely designed and could really use a remodel (ditto for the bathroom, but that’s another story).  However, the closet area DOES have a small window –the only window in the entire house that faces west.
This time of year, the view is truly beautiful [photos above and below].

2009 October 172

Zoomed-in view of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Thank you for letting me share these photographs with you today.  I truly feel blessed to be able to look out upon such beauty, and I wanted to share it with you.

When I mentioned last week that I wanted to share what I look out upon each day,  I invited others to play along with my little “meme.”  So far, the following have agreed to share their own views with the rest of us:

Jodi Anderson

Harry Martin







Be sure to mention in the comments if you are playing and I forgot to link to you!