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No more November

Here it is, November 30th. What happened? I feel like I was just writing the words October at the top of my page and *BAM* …November zipped right on by.  It was a month that started in a blaze of orange and ended with a cold snap.  In my household, we celebrated the beginning of the month with our first family camping trip since we moved here nearly 2-1/2 years ago.  (I know, I still have to share the pics from that trip!)  It’s been a busy month. I didn’t think it would be…

September is so full of new beginnings as school starts up for the boys and our fall activities keep us hopping, jumping, and leaping all the way through October. I keep my eye on the prize of November, when the cross country meets and marching band competitions all wind down to their final hurrahs.  But November, where did you go?

Moving at the speed of…

I’ve been kind of busy lately. Oh, heck, who am I kidding? Life around here is always moving at the speed of… well, LIFE!  I had to take a few extra days to deal with it all.

So what did I accomplish?

  • fought off some some unknown virus (sleep cannot be overrated)
  • seriously tackled decluttering (there’s more to do, but I made a big dent in the pile)
  • napped
  • prepared for an Advent wreath-making workshop
  • went to bed early
  • prepared Thanksgiving dinner
  • caught up on my sleep

Did I mention I slept a lot? That might be why the decluttering isn’t done…


I’m putting my homemaker cap on more firmly for a few days…




Suburban Correspondent wrote a post about preparing for Christmas, and it got me thinking…

For the past 4 years, I’ve alternated between getting decorations up and gift shopping/wrapping done early so I can “enjoy” the season [usually after H-J’s December 5th birthday] or else waiting until the last minute as a protest December 15th when it hits me like a freight train that Christmas is 10 days away.

I’m still searching for the right mix. Frankly, I think the right mix was when I was a kid and it was mostly all about anticipation without all the work!! If so, perhaps my nirvana will be when I am an old lady in a nursing home.  The staff will dread me because I will always be asking, “Is it Christmas yet? How many more days?” but I will not have to shop and cook and plan… only anticipate.

[insert happy sigh]

WWC #110 (I think!!) : window & fence



If you feel like you’ve seen some of these before, you are probably right!  I’m sort of cheating: I’ve previously posted the top 3 pictures on my blog (only the stacked rock wall/fence is new). I’ve been lagging behind with the Weekly Words Challenge and I’m just trying to get back on the ball. Lots of folks are now participating on facebook but Jay is faithfully keeping the blogworld end of the WWC together.
It’s been so long since I’ve actually posted for this meme that I nearly forgot it was Tuesday!

Punny Monday answer

I noticed that my 13yo had not gotten up this morning, so I opened his bedroom door and announced that he had 30 minutes until his school bus arrived.  He groaned and said, “Oh. It’s Monday.”

There were some great guesses for my first (only?)  Punny Monday:

Water tower
Water on the rocks
Rock bottom
Bottle rock(et)

Can’t get water from a rock
Trying to get water from a rock

I’m impressed with your creativity, folks!

But the saying/phrase that SnakeMaster & I discussed when he took this picture ….



[everyone groan in unison now]

If you could have clearly read the label on the bottle (which, admittedly, you couldn’t — sorry about that!!) you would have seen the words “Spring Water”… and while those on the West Coast will look at the Appalachian Mountains and call them hills, they really are called mountains.  SnakeMaster took this picture of his water bottle on the Appalachian Trail.
So, was that lame enough? Should I try this again some other Monday, or do I hear the resounding echo of silence … or perhaps worse, Booooo-ing?

Punny Monday, SnakeMaster Style

Quilly has a wonderful weekly meme called Punny Monday, where she posts a photo and asks her readers to guess what she was thinking when she took the picture.  I’ve seen a number of them and haven’t correctly guessed a single one… yet… BUT it’s fun! 😀

One one of our recent hikes, SnakeMaster took this picture:


What saying phrase does it represent?

Feel free to confuse other readers in the comment section and e-mail me the actual answer, if you have my e-mail.

Fall Foliage

We have had some great color this fall. This tree is a prime example:
2009 November 012
Just a few minutes ago, I stood on our back deck and took that picture. Last fall it had some bright color, but it definitely wasn’t that fantastic. Two years ago it was a disappointment: you could imagine it had a coppery tinge to the leaves as they went from green to brown, but it was mostly in the imagination. They clung to the tree long after other leaves had fallen, but a Thanksgiving day windstorm ripped those clinging leaves off in less than 5 minutes. That was 2007.
This year, we are enjoying the color.
2009 November 019

I won’t forget


One month ago, there was a parade through a local town: a soldier was coming home.   SPC Stephan Mace’s death was heavily noted on a local level.   Citizens and flags of all sizes lined the streets and at the center of town, the largest flag flew somberly at half-mast.

The tragedy that occurred last Thursday at Fort Hood, Texas, is being acknowledged on a much larger scale, and many American flags are being flown at half-mast today in respect for those who died.

Tonight I will attend a Veterans’ Day program at our high school, which is put on every year by the student Veterans club.  They spend 365 days each year on this program, working with groups and individuals, teachers and administration, families and military contacts. It is always a moving experience to attend this program, but tonight’s program will be especially moving.

Thank you, Veterans. Thank you, SuperDad. Thank you, Military Man and Rescue Ranger. THANK YOU to so many (including my brother, my uncle, my grandfather) who have served to protect us and to help others.

Here’s to the Heroes:


Back in October, Melli blogged about a really cool trick with popcorn and I’ve been itching to try it ever since.   Tonight we were all finally available to gather around the microwave and watch an ear of Indian corn turn into this:

2009 November 009

Isn’t that Cool?

2009 November 008

It’s not exactly how the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims to pop corn at the first Thanksgiving but it does make for an impressive show!


POTW   Post of the Week, from Hilary at The Smitten Image

In other eye-popping news, Hilary awarded this post as a runner up in her “Post of the Week” award.  I am very honored.

Who knew that pointing out toilet paper changing skills (or lack thereof) could earn awards?

I just want my menfolk to learn to do the right thing…