Ever have one of those moments?

when you just want to throw in the toilet paper towel?

2009 November 001

This is what I saw when I passed by the bathroom an hour ago.

Funny thing: the kid who has been driving me most crazy lately is the one who DOES change out the old roll and put in a fresh one.  He is also the one who notices if the cat needs water or food.

I guess that is nature’s way of making sure each kid reaches adulthood.


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16 responses to “Ever have one of those moments?

  1. Karen – these days I’m on my own, but MAN do I remember those days…

  2. Huh. I had no such children as those! Congratulations!

  3. Guys are bad about these things, huh?

  4. You mean other people are actually supposed to notice and do these things? But, if they did, what purpose would I have in life?

  5. Funnys stuff, KC but you poor thing.. you’re surrounded in “manbrain.”

  6. LOL, good reasons for keeping that one around 🙂

  7. great post! Congrats on POTW!!!

  8. Very funny and still poignant.;)
    Thank you so very much for your lovely and very touching comment at my place.;) Likewise congratulations on the POTW mention.;)

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  10. Oh yes I have moments like this! LOL! Congrats on POTW!

  11. That’s funny, thanks for the laugh. Congrats on POTW!

  12. Oh, kids. Well, not necessarily but usually!

    Congrats on your POTW mention.

  13. Just another one of life’s little mysteries. Congrats on POTW mention.