A while back (don’t ask me when, my brain doesn’t work that way), I signed up for General Mills’ Pssst… program. It’s been a busy couple of months and I sort of forgot all about it… but General Mills didn’t forget about me (which, when you think about it, is kind of nice of them).  In my mailbox last week was a package from those nice folks and inside the brown wrapper were TWO meals, each serving 4 people!  PLUS there were a handful of coupons to purchase more or pass on to friends.

So on Wednesday night, when 2 of the 4 kids were off doing other things, I made this meal:

Romano’s Macaroni Grill® Chicken Piccata

2009 November 002

2009 November 003

The green beans were my own addition.

I was asked to share my opinion with friends, so here it is:

+ I found the flavor to be pretty good and not too salty.
+ I doubled the chicken amount because I feed hungry boys, but we had plenty of leftovers, so I really didn’t need to do that.
+ It was truly ready in about 20 minutes, as promised by the advertising on the box.

– The sauce was a little too strong on cornstarch.  I understand the need to thicken a sauce, but it shouldn’t taste like you thickened it, KWIM?
– It was lacking in what I’ll term “improved healthy choices”… meaning, it could have been whole wheat pasta instead of pale white pasta.  I’m a whole wheat kind of gal.  But I suppose you could skip the angel hair pasta and use your own… that would certainly be easy enough to do.

Overall, it’s okay as a quick meal.  With some imagination, I could come up with this on my own, but for someone who needed to reach for a quick meal in a hurry, it serves its purpose.   I confess I’ve never eaten at a Macaroni Grill, so I can’t tell you how it compares.

I haven’t yet made the Wanchai Ferry® Orange Chicken.

2009 November 007

I’m waiting for another night when I am looking for a quick meal for 4 people.

You, too, can sign up for General Mills’ Pssst… program:  It’s easy, it’s free, and you get freebies! I’m having personal technical trouble giving you a direct link, but feel free to put in a quick search (google, bing, whatever) for “General Mills pssst” and you’ll get there. 😉

And, hey! Yesterday was my 365th post. Who’da’thunk it?


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    And thanks for following my blog!

  2. Not too salty is a plus for these kind of prepared meals.. they’re so often far too salty. And I KWYM about the taste/texture of corn starched sauces. Generally, I steer clear of those kind of meals, but have to admit that this one looked pretty good. OR it might have been that gorgeous plate. 😉

    Big congrats on 365! Woohoo! 🙂

  3. i’m probably not GM’s target market for these, as i’m making a conscious effort to wean myself off of processed foods… they’re so tempting, but i’m trying to resist!

  4. Gary, I was pretty sure you’d notice the plate — it’s so very photogenic! 😉

    Thank you, Hilary. Free food *is* attractive when raising boys, as I’m sure you know. 😛

    Alice, there is a whole questionnaire so you might sign up and get coupons for granola bars and yogurt. It might be worth the few minutes of your time — you never know!

  5. ***Come to think of it, I don’t know why I DIDN’T get coupons for granola bars and yogurt! We go through those things almost as fast as milk… and that’s saying something.

  6. I used to use those types of meals on occasion — I might still, but we mostly just eat grilled stuff with sides these days. Or with winter coming, soups and stews! I might sign up for Pssst though — and give them a try. But like you – I almost always found that I could fairly easily duplicate them – with even a little added flavor!

  7. WE might just goggle that.

  8. I will not Google that because Amoeba and I prefer not to eat pre-packaged food. We remember too much the times in our lives when we had to. I hear the quality is much better now, but we may never find out.

  9. Melli, GM/Pssst… also has provided me with coupons for Progresso Soups in the past. I really like the new 1pt Weight Watchers options. 😛

    Dr. John – You never know what the magic computer generator will decide to sent you, but free is good!

    Quilly, I figure if it is ever something I don’t care for, I can pass it on to someone else. A food bank comes to mind 😉

  10. I don’t know how that orange chicken tastes, but the frozen stuff from Trader Joe’s is a huge hit in our house.

  11. Cool! Unfortunately we can’t eat any of that our house, but I think I will sing up for the program anyways, and see if they send me coupons for General Mills things we can eat!

  12. free food is a good thing….as long as they take allergies into consideration. I might just check out the site.