Fall Foliage

We have had some great color this fall. This tree is a prime example:
2009 November 012
Just a few minutes ago, I stood on our back deck and took that picture. Last fall it had some bright color, but it definitely wasn’t that fantastic. Two years ago it was a disappointment: you could imagine it had a coppery tinge to the leaves as they went from green to brown, but it was mostly in the imagination. They clung to the tree long after other leaves had fallen, but a Thanksgiving day windstorm ripped those clinging leaves off in less than 5 minutes. That was 2007.
This year, we are enjoying the color.
2009 November 019


16 responses to “Fall Foliage

  1. THAT is gorgeous! A neighbor down the street has one — and I WANT one! I really do!

  2. We call it the meatball tree. It takes a LOT of work to keep it trimmed into submission.

  3. That is a beautiful specimen. I can see why you are enjoying the colours.

  4. If you find Moses out in your backyard talking to it, don’t be too surprised! It is gorgeous!

  5. Lovely!
    My life is turning into monochromes – fas!

  6. I am enjoying your fall color, too.

  7. Absolutely beautiful….really. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Such a pretty tree!

    I was going to ask what kind it was (because I need a tree!) but I don’t want one that takes work! I’m glad I get to enjoy it from my arm chair.

  9. What a lovely thing to greet your mornings with – I do love autumn!

  10. Ooooh.. you still have so much colour. We’ve got mostly empty branches now. Lovely tree, KC.

  11. Lovely!!! I love Fall!

  12. That is a beautiful colour! 🙂 I love the reds in autumn colours.

  13. what a gorgeous view!!!