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WWC #110 (I think!!) : window & fence



If you feel like you’ve seen some of these before, you are probably right!  I’m sort of cheating: I’ve previously posted the top 3 pictures on my blog (only the stacked rock wall/fence is new). I’ve been lagging behind with the Weekly Words Challenge and I’m just trying to get back on the ball. Lots of folks are now participating on facebook but Jay is faithfully keeping the blogworld end of the WWC together.
It’s been so long since I’ve actually posted for this meme that I nearly forgot it was Tuesday!

Punny Monday answer

I noticed that my 13yo had not gotten up this morning, so I opened his bedroom door and announced that he had 30 minutes until his school bus arrived.  He groaned and said, “Oh. It’s Monday.”

There were some great guesses for my first (only?)  Punny Monday:

Water tower
Water on the rocks
Rock bottom
Bottle rock(et)

Can’t get water from a rock
Trying to get water from a rock

I’m impressed with your creativity, folks!

But the saying/phrase that SnakeMaster & I discussed when he took this picture ….



[everyone groan in unison now]

If you could have clearly read the label on the bottle (which, admittedly, you couldn’t — sorry about that!!) you would have seen the words “Spring Water”… and while those on the West Coast will look at the Appalachian Mountains and call them hills, they really are called mountains.  SnakeMaster took this picture of his water bottle on the Appalachian Trail.
So, was that lame enough? Should I try this again some other Monday, or do I hear the resounding echo of silence … or perhaps worse, Booooo-ing?