Punny Monday answer

I noticed that my 13yo had not gotten up this morning, so I opened his bedroom door and announced that he had 30 minutes until his school bus arrived.  He groaned and said, “Oh. It’s Monday.”

There were some great guesses for my first (only?)  Punny Monday:

Water tower
Water on the rocks
Rock bottom
Bottle rock(et)

Can’t get water from a rock
Trying to get water from a rock

I’m impressed with your creativity, folks!

But the saying/phrase that SnakeMaster & I discussed when he took this picture ….



[everyone groan in unison now]

If you could have clearly read the label on the bottle (which, admittedly, you couldn’t — sorry about that!!) you would have seen the words “Spring Water”… and while those on the West Coast will look at the Appalachian Mountains and call them hills, they really are called mountains.  SnakeMaster took this picture of his water bottle on the Appalachian Trail.
So, was that lame enough? Should I try this again some other Monday, or do I hear the resounding echo of silence … or perhaps worse, Booooo-ing?


8 responses to “Punny Monday answer

  1. Your photo isn’t actually a pun. If you’d tossed in a slinky (spring) then you’d have a pun.

    Take my today’s offering: girl dressed in flowers = flower girl. Or one of my first ones: Amoeba holding a box = mail (male) box.


    Now, having explained how to do it, as the originator of Punny Monday maybe I should trademark my idea so I don’t have to fight the competition. 😉

    • Well, that DOES explain why no one got it! 😛
      It also explains why I have so much trouble coming up with the right answer each Monday over on your blog!!
      I think I’ll claim Monday Brain.

  2. Ahh if ONLY I’d have been here sooner to guess… I still wouldn’t have got it.. but I’d have enjoyed trying. I think it’s a perfectly fine pun! Now you can knock the bottle over and it will be “water falls.” 😉

  3. I was thinking of it as one of those little puzzles like these–http://www.billsgames.com/brain-teasers/answer.cgi?show=-1

    I love those things.

  4. hahah i LOVE the water falls suggestion…! 🙂

  5. I would love to see you do another one. This was a good one and you had us all stumped.

  6. LOL!!! Yea…. puns are a little tricky! Ya gotta THINK a little out of kilter!