Suburban Correspondent wrote a post about preparing for Christmas, and it got me thinking…

For the past 4 years, I’ve alternated between getting decorations up and gift shopping/wrapping done early so I can “enjoy” the season [usually after H-J’s December 5th birthday] or else waiting until the last minute as a protest December 15th when it hits me like a freight train that Christmas is 10 days away.

I’m still searching for the right mix. Frankly, I think the right mix was when I was a kid and it was mostly all about anticipation without all the work!! If so, perhaps my nirvana will be when I am an old lady in a nursing home.  The staff will dread me because I will always be asking, “Is it Christmas yet? How many more days?” but I will not have to shop and cook and plan… only anticipate.

[insert happy sigh]


10 responses to “Preparing

  1. I like the idea of not having to do anything else but wait for Christmas! I heard first X-mas jingle in a store yesterday – and I almost broke out in hives!

  2. MY perfect plan involves drastically reducing the planning and prep — and the shopping too. Last year we only bought gifts for Luz and the rest was for “another family”. I still DID the shopping and the wrapping – but it felt MUCH more like heart-work and much less like home-work. Not that I don’t love my family — but we are ALL rather spoiled. THIS year the kids have gotten everything they needed during the year… and I just don’t think I need to do much shopping. Krysti is the exception as she has asked for something specific – but I’ll let HER shop for it! Luz will still get all the gifts under the tree.

  3. Many years ago I told myself I would only do the things I felt like doing. Oddly enough, every year since then I have done virtually all the same things, but my stress level is much lower because I know I don’t HAVE to do anything.

  4. We don’t decorate. I have lights I may put up around the 1st of December. No tree. We will each exchange one gift, something with more thought than $$. We will enjoy a nice meal and a quiet day — phone calls home to family, etc.

  5. Thank you for stopping by my playground. I appreciate it and you made me realize I’m off the hook for influencing Ella…she was already a tart LOL 🙂

  6. Personally? I can’t wait. Bring it! Crazy busy days and all.


  7. I am not very good at preparing anything ahead of time these days! Although my intentions are to get things done ahead of time. Just this morning I was thinking I should bye Christmas cards…

  8. I don’t envy you. You have a huge crew to prepare for.. and yet, no doubt everything will be perfect.

  9. Tell the boys this is the year they do the decorating and the baking 🙂 Then all you have to do is shop (I know, the worst part).

    Just think the other option when you are in your nursing home is it will be a BIG surprise that it is Christmas – perhaps several times the same day 🙂

  10. As you may guess, I am a planner. But after several months of stress, I told myself to take it easy this year. So I decorated the house but used the decorations that required a minimal amount of digging. Christmas shopping is almost done (made easier with those free Kodak gift certificates). Got 6 more to get, and I am done. Just plan on enjoying myself, and as I tell myself, “Not to suck the fun out of it.”