Moving at the speed of…

I’ve been kind of busy lately. Oh, heck, who am I kidding? Life around here is always moving at the speed of… well, LIFE!  I had to take a few extra days to deal with it all.

So what did I accomplish?

  • fought off some some unknown virus (sleep cannot be overrated)
  • seriously tackled decluttering (there’s more to do, but I made a big dent in the pile)
  • napped
  • prepared for an Advent wreath-making workshop
  • went to bed early
  • prepared Thanksgiving dinner
  • caught up on my sleep

Did I mention I slept a lot? That might be why the decluttering isn’t done…

7 responses to “Moving at the speed of…

  1. Sleep? Where can I get some? Amoeba keeps waking me up way too early with his to-do list! For instance tomorrow morning, he says I have to get up early to drive to the other side of the island and go to the beach — again! Woe is me!

  2. I’m envious of your sleep–I seem to have lost my sleeping mojo–though that means I’ve read 3 books so far this week.

  3. Oh! Poor Quilly — don’tcha just FEEL for her? She has it rough…

    I’m thinking it’s possible that the de-cluttering is not DONE because de-cluttering never IS! The whole problem with clutter is that IT is the stuff that we use … all. the. time. And therefore “away” is where it can never be. So what really happens is while you are de-cluttering “this area here”, you are moving said clutter into “that area there”… or maybe even several other areas. But when the “this area here” is all clean – then the other areas are now cluttered. And so it goes… I don’t think you should blame it on sleep.

    • It’s cold enough outside to make me wish I was in Hawaii!
      Decluttering in my house often means papers are piled up everywhere… and while some of those DO need to be kept, most of them end up in the shredder or the recycling bin. But the rest of the stuff? Much of it is mine to deal with (and you named it perfectly!) but some of it is what the rest of the family drops on the sofa or the counter or ____ (name a spot) and leaves if for me. *sigh*

  4. I do love sleeping too. It is the best.

  5. i think sleep is proof that a higher being loves us!

  6. Decluttering can always wait. Sleep, if you can get it is essential and healing. I’m glad you caught up some. Can you send your leftover ZZZZZs this way?