14 years

** blink **

Born on his great-grandparents 65th wedding anniversary and the first snow of the season…

The great-grandparents are long gone, but just like 14 years ago, today is the first snow of the season and the beginning of a new year for H-J.

Happy Birthday, Humorous-Juniorous!

6 responses to “14 years

  1. Handsome young man. Wish him Happy Birthday from Sweden.

  2. It IS like a blink, isn’t it? Always amazes me how fast they grow up. He’s grown into a fine young man! Happy Birthday HJ!

    We are having a mintery wix over here!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Snow Baby!

  4. Happy Birthday, HJ! May this year see you rise successfully to meet your challenges and achieve your goals.

  5. Aww happy birthday. I hope it’s a slower blink till his wedding day. 😉

  6. Happy Belated birthday to your son!