What is special about today?

The first commenter to correctly tell me why this day is special in my household will win a small package of goodies!

*Of course, if you are the winner, I will need to have your address to mail you a package. But I think I’m pretty trustworthy! 😛

11 responses to “What is special about today?

  1. Is today H-J’s birthday outing?

    • Nope! We managed to do that on his actual birthday… well, the movie at least… the high school play that I was going to take him to was canceled due to bad weather. 😦

  2. First Sunday of Advent?

  3. It’s the 2nd Sunday of Advent – but that’s not my answer!

    Is it your anniversary?

  4. Did you acquire or move into this home on this date?

  5. St. Nicholas Day, but I doubt that’s it.

  6. Oh, wait – is your husband retiring?

  7. Oh no! Can you tell I haven’t been to church in over a month. My weeks are all messed up.