WWC # who knows?: Winter & Stone

WINTER finally arrived on Saturday and we were all happy to get about 5 inches of the fluffy white stuff.  (Above photo is from my January 2008 archives)

I just wish I had been driving SuperDad’s rig tonight [Monday night] when I was backing my van out of a friend’s driveway.  It curved more than I remembered… and I ended up stuck off to the side on a downhill slope. Rocking it and trying to maneuver about in the snow only made it worse, so I put it in park and walked home.

Meanwhile, EB had not been at the school when I swung by to pick him up at 6pm, so I figured he had walked home.  Turns out that about the time I was getting stuck on the snowy, grassy slope, EB was beginning an entire hour of waiting for me –OUTSIDE– to come pick him up. Then he walked home. Without a coat. Because he is a stubborn 17 year old boy who doesn’t think he needs to wear a coat on 30 degree mornings.
So now it is 8pm on Monday night and I am feeding him hot soup (homemade turkey-noodle with sweet potato and carrots).  And I am waiting for someone who isn’t already chilled to the bone who can help me rescue my van.  MusicMan is at handbell choir rehearsal for another 30 minutes or more; SuperDad is hoping to catch the last train out of The City tonight (which means we might see him around 9pm).

It’s an exciting life that I lead, eh?

After all of that, I need to look at something restful…

Isn’t this a lovely group of stones? Gary is the proud owner of these.  They are in a little garden spot near his studio door. I was struck by the simple beauty and snapped this photo before we left his place in August.

So there you have it: STONE summer and WINTER shenanigans.

It’s been a while since I had time to play along, but the Weekly Words Challenge continues to be brought to us each week by the now non-blogging Tink.   Jay usually manages the blogworld side of things on Tuesdays, but he is busy with Christmas & family stuff right now. Tink is hosting over on facebook … and then there’s always flickr.

14 responses to “WWC # who knows?: Winter & Stone

  1. I was a baby about walking across the playground in the pouring rain–let alone walking home in the snow. You’re tougher than I am!

  2. It looks like all the snow is going to stay north of me this time. I guess it’s gonna be a pretty big storm too!

    Excellent photos as usual!

  3. That is about how much snow we got here! Too bad kids don’t start to listen to sage advise until it’s too late. Hope you get the van out and everyone is home and warm tonight. Love the rocks.

  4. Nice pictures – the rocks “rock” (I know – aren’t I witty?) and I can’t wait until the sun shines on our snowy bushes the way it does in that top picture.

  5. Look! Cotton trees blooming in winter!


  6. Boy everyone is getting snow. Except Honolulu LOL. I like those pictures of the stones…Great photos my friend 🙂

  7. i was certainly hoping that by age 17 the ‘i am to cool to wear a jacket in 30 degree or colder weather’ would wear off…hears to dreaming!

  8. Oy… doesn’t sound like y’all are kickin’ this winter season off right… Do ya think EB will start wearing a coat now??? Probly not. *shakes head*

    I think I would have had to snap those rocks too. I LIKE that!

  9. oooh I love that stone picture! It IS restful!

  10. We decioded not to take the car out. We got sixteen inches of snow.

  11. I long for snow – I wish for snow.

    Not going to happen in summer in Australia I guess!

  12. Oooooh, snow! I do not envy you guys, even though I remember it fondly. (In my childhood, all snow was fluffy, sweet and clean and no one got stuck in it ever.)

    My kid (22 YO) is wandering around Brooklyn in canvas sneakers. They never grow out of it.

  13. Yes, the snow is always so pretty to look at, but not so much fun to deal with. And yet… I wish for more!