Nine days (but more like none)

Now I’m going to crawl back in my hole of denial and panic about everything that is supposed to be accomplished today yesterday this week.


9 responses to “Nine days (but more like none)

  1. LOL – love the red eyes and the “caught in the headlights” look.

  2. Nine days – -the year is ending too fast!

  3. LOL…that is just too funny and the red eyes just add to it 🙂

  4. … and why on earth do we end up in the same mess every year? Isn’t it time to abdicate the role of chief-fixer-of-all-things-festive?

  5. Nine days …. It can’t get over with soon enough. 😉

  6. it will all work out in the end!

  7. PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC auuuugh 9 days!??! *faints*

  8. Take a deeeeeeeeeeep breath…. exhaaaaale….
    It will all get done. The important stuff anyway. When I start feeling frazzled like that I think “what if something HAPPENED *right now* – what if I broke a leg or had a heart attack or for some reason was UNAVAILABLE to get these things done?” And then I think… Life would go on. So what am I so tense about? This kind of stress we put on ourselves — because we THINK we have to do this this this this AND this or we will be failures! But that is not so! As long as we wake up Christmas morning and praise Jesus – we’re all good!

  9. I have bought 2 presents. Seriously.