Weekly Words Challenge


Soccer game sideline


(click on collage to enlarge)

The Weekly Words Challenge continues to be brought to us each Tuesday by the now non-blogging Tink.   Jay usually manages the blogworld side of things on Tuesdays, but he is busy with Christmas & family stuff right now. Tink is hosting over on facebook … and then there’s always flickr.


8 responses to “Weekly Words Challenge

  1. How true about revealing character 🙂

  2. Great collection of Americana photos. Very nice!

  3. Wonderful candid of the boys.

  4. Those are awesome! I especially love the Americana shots 🙂

  5. Beautiful shots, I love the car!

  6. These, as always, are wonderful!

    And I miss Tink :/

  7. The sports quote is very true.

    I love that long tie! I want one! Too cool.

  8. Enjoyed the pictures and the quote.