Daily Archives: December 17, 2009

Much ado about Cleopatra

We’ve had Cleopatra since she was about 6 months old. Our Realtors (a husband/wife team who helped us buy our first house) knew we were looking for a cat to love and a hungry kitten had showed up in their backyard to nibble birdseed and slugs.  They wanted to keep her because she was so sweet but they had two big cats about the size of Gary’s cats.  Little bitty kitty didn’t stand a chance of holding her own against them (the Realtors’ cats, not Gary’s) so they gave us a call.

She was a frightened feral kitten and definitely small (probably would have starved to death within 2 months) — so small that we thought she was 3 or 4 months old. When we took her in a few days later for her first shots, the veterinarian told us she needed to be spayed ASAP!

Free cats are not really free… I think we spent about $300 on her in the first 2 months.

And when it was time to purchase a new sofa, we made sure it closely matched the color of the cat hair…

It took a long time before Cleo learned that a hand coming toward her was a good thing; in fact, she is still a bit skittish on occasion and we’ve been her servants loving owners for over 6 years. Her favorite places to sleep are either on EB’s life-sized stuffed sea turtle

The Queen on her throne

or on the top bunk with SnakeMaster amongst the plethora of blankets and stuffed animals. He makes tunnels and caves for her, which she loves.

Thankful Thursday posts are inspired by Mary Alice.

Cleopatra’s story was inspired by this post about Alex the Cat.