Attitude Adjustment

Was it just a few days ago that I was panicking about how quickly Christmas is coming?

I’ve calmed down. I’ve prioritized.

It’s amazing the difference made by just a few snowflakes days!

13 hours: 10am on 19 December

The picture above was taken right about the time I realized that I wasn’t going to be driving to the Post Office to mail packages.  It’s hard to drive a minivan in 10-1/2 inches of unplowed snow.  By noon we had over a foot of snow.
Below, the second (homemade) snow gauge shows us nearly reaching 20 inches at 3:30pm

3:30 p.m.

23 inches in 23 hours

And it’s still coming down!

I won’t be driving anywhere until our road is plowed.

15 responses to “Attitude Adjustment

  1. My goodness…that is just tooooo much snow. But I will say it makes for pretty pictures 🙂 Now just think you can mail New Year’s packages 🙂

  2. Oh the jealousy I am feeling!

  3. How cool! Relax and enjoy it. You have just been isolated from all the hustle and bustle. I on the other hand had better run and dress for the party!

  4. Enforced relaxation–it’s what it takes sometimes. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

  5. In all honesty the snow is stressing me out more than anything. All the work ahead – shoveling in the freezing cold. Digging out all the cars and trying to make sure no one parks in the parking space you dug out. All the errands I have to do because I didn’t get to do them this afternoon. My canceled office holiday party tomorrow that has left me with an entire tray of jambalaya and zero room in my freezer. The fact that I only have half a bottle of wine left and I can’t get out to the store!

    I looks pretty for half a day or so, but it is just a lot of stress and work.

  6. Oh Karen – I feel for you!

  7. Sure looks pretty, KC.

  8. It’s amazing how fast a big storm can throw on your brakes and re-arrange your priorities! I’m fine! I baked snow balls yesterday and buckeyes today! Got some more wrapping done… It’s all good!

  9. We finally topped out at 36″. I dug out most of the day yesterday and have more to face as soon as it gets light out.

  10. Beautiful – but I am SO glad we don’t have more than a few inches right now. We’ve lucked out so far although we’re still early in the season.

    Enjoy your slow time!

  11. I kind of like being snowed in. We baked, played games, read, and watched movies.

  12. I feel sorry for you…nothing worse than having to dig out after a storm. It seems pointless to do it during the storm, but it really makes the job easier once it quits.

    • Don’t feel bad for me — I love the snow and SuperDad had the help of the 3 oldest boys with all of the shoveling.
      I think this mandatory change of pace has been good for me. Today we went sledding at a friend’s place. 😀

  13. It was quite the storm! Emma was totally amazed, since this is the most snow she’s ever seen.